Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review: **** Mahjong | Gamer Horizon

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a Mahjong simulator that really wants you to suffer as much as possible.

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bigmalky2120d ago

I love Yakuza Mahjong. Spent about 40+ hours at the tables.


Games Under 20 promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Get an early preview of the games included in the sale running January 18 to February 1.

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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for August: Yakuza 0, Trials of Mana, Dead by Daylight, Bugsnax

From PS Blog: "Today we’re happy to reveal August’s Game Catalog lineup for PlayStation Plus, which will be available to play for Extra and Premium members on August 16. It’s headlined by three Yakuza games (which will soon be followed by other entries in the series later this year). But rubbing shoulders with the crime series will be multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight, open world shooter Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and whimsical adventure Bugsnax. "

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Puty683d ago

What about Premium? Sony is having a laugh.

darthv72683d ago

since the allure of Premium is the older back catalog, they havent announced what is being added to that tier specifically. But since premium also includes extra then you can at least look forward to these.

sparky77683d ago

It's weird, kind of reminds me of how Game Pass PC was at the start with lack of games but normal Game Pass got everything.

They should really make Premium cheaper or in Beta mode until they have content to add.

crazyCoconuts683d ago

It's $1.66 extra a month when you pay annually. Pretty cheap already

Silly gameAr683d ago

You should try premium. If you're a fan of older console games, like most gamepass members are, they would love premium. Plus it's cheaper than gamepass and has a wider selection of games.

porkChop683d ago

These games are already on GP with the exception of Trials of Mana. Good for PS though, it's a good month.

sparky77683d ago

Shhh don't ruin the moment for him :)

Silly gameAr683d ago

If MS wouldn't have finally opened their eyes to how good the Yakuza series is, it wouldn't have been on xbox. It's a good thing they decided to give sega all of that money to make Like a Dragon a timed exclusive, and put most of the games on gamepass.

The biggest thing that happened to them this year was getting the Persona series on xbox finally. It's a great series , like yakuza. When xbox gets games that Playstation has had for years on their console, it always a pretty big deal.

DVAcme683d ago

Yakuza 0, 1 and 2 alone make this a fucking amazing month. Those three are easily over 20 or 30 hours of gameplay each.

Ready4nxtgen683d ago

It's alot more than 20 hours. Around maybe 50 to 70 hrs for some of them

darthv72683d ago

...if you are into that sort of game.

porkChop683d ago

They're great games. I used to have no interest in them but after playing Like a Dragon I started playing Yakuza Kiwami. Even if you're not sure you'd like them you should give them a try, they might surprise you.

TheColbertinator682d ago

Certainly among the best offerings on Game Pass for me

FallenAngel1984683d ago

Trials of Mana is a nice addition

They should also start adding the Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest series to the service at some point

Deathdeliverer683d ago

As someone that has been playing the Yakuza series since PS2 and has played and beat every game except Like a dragon (working on that now) and the one in feudal Japan, this is an amazing month. I won’t benefit from it personally as I own all of them, but man I hope people give these awesome games a try. Yakuza zero alone is amazing. Running the cabaret is more fun than anyone would have guessed. Racing the cars had me glued. I’ve played DBD for a few years now and it’s a great game full of toxic try hard survivors. Feels amazing to get those clutch killer wins on them. Both sides are super fun though. Already have Bugsnax. Ghost recon should be fun. I’ll be giving that a try.
I personally won’t benefit much from this month, but mannnn is it a hell of a month from those that will.

VersusDMC683d ago

The yakuza game in feudal japan is Yakuza Ishin and never got localized for the west. We got the zombie one (dead souls) because i guess westerners like zombies and not samurai...

They should localize it now as a remaster since Ghost of Tsushima showed a samurai game can sell well.