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Branden Tyrrel - "Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition is a new way to play one of the absolute best RPGs in years. And whether you’re diving back in on PC, or booting it up on the console for the first time, it’s flexibility, personality, and charm make for an amazing adventure."

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Repjaws46d ago

Highly recommend this game to anyone who is bored of modern "RPGs" like AC origin, Horizon Zero Dawn etc. This is a true RPG in all it's essence and has a very deep And rewarding combat system that is second to none. Plus there's a discount on it right now.

No_Pantaloons46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Good, but overhyped, I liked the first game better. This one is amazing for about the first 1/2 then it quickly spirals downhill.
The randomness of items is annoying, most of the game my items were 5+ lvs below the hero since randomized bonus were better then the strait stat of the current lv item. Meaning finding legendary items was rarely that much better, or the reverse, you would find a random shop right after with something even more OP then said godslayer you just fought a boss for.
Most of the 4th chapter is just a chore, they choose to balance the difficulty with strait cheating:
A demon who can posses one of your heroes every turn, you get 1 attack before he jumps and you have to beatdown your best warrior to get off 1 more attack.
Deathcloud spiders that explode and kill anyone near them, and the cloud stays so no resurrecting unless you can cleanse the tiles first.
Skeletons that resurrect infinitely from cursed fire... MORE THAN A SCREEN AWAY.
Yes, all that can be beat, Ive read how online and done most of it, doesnt change the fact... its ZERO fun and plain lazy development. Add to that the story gets confusing and uninteresting the 2nd half. I wont spoil anything, but its severely lacking.
Not trying to bash it, but its far from the near perfect scores I keep seeing everywhere.

Tapani46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Fair enough. This is the kind of stuff that I wanted to know about the game since it's getting near perfect scores all the time, and I'm thinking of buying this now for PS4 Pro. I like a story in games like Xenogears, FFT, Chrono Cross, Deux Ex, Prey and so forth, but not sure if this would be something I'd like. I do love turn-base games like Xcom etc., because I'm busy with my life, and I want to have a kind of neverending chess match going on at home and beat it one turn at a time. There must be a good story, atmosphere or something extraordinary about it for me to continue. How would you compare this to the newer Xcom titles?

Repjaws46d ago

Whilst I agree with the complaints made by @No_Pantaloons, they don't detract from the game enough to make it a bad game. The story is nothing groundbreaking but it does it's job with some good plot twists. The story also incorporates different main characters whom all have different mini storylines that flesh out the character. That being said, I didn't play Divinity 2 for it's story or characters. What compelled me to play through the entire game is it's deep and rewarding combat system that makes it a blast to play with friends online. The combat allows for a lot of room for experimentation and teamwork. The AI will also bend you over a table if you're not careful enough, even on lower difficulties.

No_Pantaloons46d ago

Sounds like we have similar tastes, I like those games as well. The newer xcoms are great, I recently beat War of the Chosen and loved it.
Personally I would put xcom above this, as its more straightforward, you research plasma rifles and you get plasma rifles, so the long wait researching gives you the payoff you expect, but that's strategy. Predicable, but rewarding.

@Repjaws The combat actually discourages teamwork between mages and warriors, which is another reason I liked sin1 better. Everyone has a magic and physical "shield" before they take health damage, so if your warriors break the physical shield and put a guy to 10% hp, the mage cant kill him without a physical based attack as any spell will just reduce his magic shield. Its a wonky system that take a while to get used to.

I would still recommend this game if it was on sale, cause despite its flaws its fun to explore the world. There is a lot to see and do, and early on you'll be too absorbed to notice flaws. But I question if these reviewers beat the game, cause it doesn't have that feeling all the way through, and once you start noticing the problems they become glaring.

Repjaws45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That depends on what you're playing really. In my opinion teamwork works wonders. Some (mage)spells require you to take out magic armour and some require physical armour, vice versa for a lot of other classes

One of my favourite combos was to rain on my tank with my summoner and the tank turning the puddles into oil and then absorbing all the oil to give him a very big shield which can be blown up in a circle to do massive damage. That's just one of the examples of how teamwork is encouraged in the game. I've play the game at the hardest difficulty and teamwork is the only way you can win during combat scenarios, going solo will just get your party aced.

Eiyuuou46d ago

Damn, I still need to complete the first one...

Realms46d ago

Played the first one it was a great old school RPG, by all accounts they improved everything from the first titled player be warned this game is a time sink. Unless you are ready to devote time I suggest you skip it or otherwise you will find yourself getting pissed off at the level of dedication needed to beat the game.