What makes a great RPG?

The very best roleplaying-games manage to grab and hold our attention for tens, if not hundreds, of hours and they stick with us for years after their credits roll.

What, though, is it about them that gives them this incredible ability to court us and keep us for so long?

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Knightofelemia40d ago

A great story, relatable likeable characters, music is a key thing for me you need music to also help convey the story or change the atmosphere of the game.

Lore40d ago

1. Immersive world and progression (regardless of linearity/openness).

2. Engaging equipment/crafting material found in numerous ways (chests, enemy drops/ quest rewards).

3. Cast, music, and WORLD BUILDING.

Zeldafan6439d ago

Replace Breath of the Wild with the Xenoblade games.