GameCritics: Yakuza 2 Review

When people hear the word "mature" in the context of video games, they usually associate the term with ludicrous amounts of blood and gore, scantily-clad females, or some combination of both. Really, who could blame them? Although some slack must be given since the medium is still in its infancy, the fact is that too many titles have been content with meeting the lowest-common denominator, and striving for little else. Don't get me wrong-I'm no prude and I'm not against explicit content, but having grown up with games, I'm quite ready for games to grow up with me. Sega agrees.

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HIGH Some of the best writing and character work in video games, ever.

LOW The technical side could really use a revamp.

WTF I have to go out and aimlessly "enjoy the city" again?!?
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