5 Game-Changing Innovations From Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo This Gen

This console generation, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo brought innovations to the industry that left it changed forever. Here are five that changed the game permanently and for the better.

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darthv7250d ago

Can something be innovative if it has been done before? I mean previous attempts at HMD's and hybrid systems may not have fared to well due to their timing but I'd still consider them innovative and not what we have now. These are simply evolutionary while the previous attempts would be revolutionary.

Some would say that without those "tries & fails" we wouldnt be where we are now. the only thing that has really changed is people's perceptions to the ideas because enough time has passed and improvements made to warrant another go at it and people are more receptive than before.

Same goes with the whole finance a console notion. It has been tried lots of times (though through 3rd parties) but last gen we had a first party offer up the plan and it did okay for its short term to where now its being tried again and more fleshed out than before. Hell... I remember when Sega offered a finance option for the Dreamcast when you signed up for Seganet. That was 18 years ago (give or take).

FallenAngel198450d ago

Forgetting about Wii U and trying to lump NS in the same gen as PS4 & XO I see

darthv7250d ago

It's a crossover system. Technically it is N's 9th gen offering but because it overlaps with other 8th gen systems it is easy to see why most people see it like it's part of the same. Just think about when MS and Sony bring out 9th gen systems and the Switch will then be shifted over to that side.

FallenAngel198450d ago

Saying Switch is 8th gen is like saying Dreamcast is a 5th gen system because for most of its lifecycle it competed with PS1 & N64

darthv7250d ago

I agree, it's not 8th gen. Not sure why I got disagrees above but oh well.

Bhai50d ago

yeah, it remains in the 8th gen alongside PS4 anmd xb1...

darthv7250d ago

@bhai, no... it may overlap with ps4 and xb1 but it really is it's own entry into the 9th gen. People percieve it to be 8th because it was released at the height of the 8th gen but like Angel said above. If that were the case then DC would be 5th because it was released at the height of the 5th gen. But... it is 6th. It is the kick-off to the 6th gen just like WiiU was the kick-off to the 8th and Switch is the kick-off to the 9th.

Just because nintendo has closer release schedules than the rest does not negate that.

Apocalypse Shadow50d ago

I only see two on there and that's PSVR and the adaptive controller.

A mid Gen upgrade is not innovative. It just reminds me of pc gaming and those who need perfect graphics and more power to have fun.

Nintendo Switch is just this Gen's Turbo Express and Sega Nomad. Play on the go or hook it up to a tv. I've been there and done that and still have my Nomad.

All Access and paying over time is not new. It's geared towards people who can't afford it. Most of the time when you have something like this offered, these same people lose their houses, cars, electronics, etc. But the one offering the product still wins out financially.

Controllers for the disabled is innovative. To create something where others may not be able to because of loss of limbs, paralysis, etc is actually a good thing. Now they can play too and have fun.

But the biggest innovation that edges out the adaptive controller just barely is PSVR. VR isn't new but VR was never a consumer product. No Sega VR release. No Atari Jaguar release. And even Sony's Pud j5a wasn't even pushed as a major product or offering. But boy I tell you, it changes gaming considerably.

Some flat screen games just now seem limited and boring. Like it's missing something. Super hot was good. Super hot vr just embarrasses it. Wipeout was great. But in vr it's played the way it was meant to. Games like Pavlov Onward and Firewall are showing that fps on a tv is a joke. And as vr gets better, it's going make flat screen gaming look a lot worse for many styles of games. That's innovative. Seeing 3D games how they should be. Not on a 2D screen.

JonTheGod50d ago

Dunno why you're getting downvotes. All you say is true.

Plus I frickin' LOVE my PSVR.