Final Fantasy Union: Episode 178

With Square Enix focusing so heavily on remakes and remasters in recent years, has this been hindering their creative efforts elsewhere?

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CrimsonWing69752d ago

well let's think about that for a moment, shall we? What recent games have been oh so fantastically creative?

Let's use Final Fantasy for example, I think I'm on of those few that liked FF15 but in no way has any of the FF's post 9 been what I'd consider anything on the level of the classic games. Seeing those classic games remade from the ground up I think would be more creative than the current ideas implemented in the latest games.

Let's also look at RE2 Remake. how many fans have been crying for the games to go back to the roots? RE2 Remake comes by and it's literally like we're going back to the glory days. It's also pretty much a brand new game with nothing, outside of narrative and setting elements, being the same.

So, no, I don't think Remakes hinder creativity. If anything they are getting the devs back on the right path because even Capcom claimed RE2 Remake would be a kind of blueprint for future entries.

Jaypi03752d ago

I don't think remakes hinder creativity because it takes creativity to remake a game to look much better than it did originally. The older the game the more creativity it takes to push it into the current generation and re-imagine the game as something that lives up to what players saw the game as in their minds during their youth.

kayoss752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

I think creativity was already hindered before remakes were even considered. Developers want to make money so they will try to use a proven formula. WHen you become creative you need support and funding. You can lose money and lose your business. Thats the problem with creativity. Its a hit or miss. Are developers willing to gamble??