Rocket League adds Rocket Pass and more in update

You might not recognize the traditional Rocket League you've grown to love after this massive update. But that might not be a bad thing.

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chinton2144d ago

Clubs sounds interesting. Might give me a reason to jump back in the game.

PoopsMcGee2143d ago

Hmmm. So far I'm okay with it but why does it seem that more people are quitting ranked matches now?

Also, that glare they added can be blinding at inopportune times...


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The Unwritten Rules of Rocket League Explained

Coordination and communication are key for team play in Rocket League, but knowing these unwritten rules can make multiplayer less chaotic.

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NJShadow258d ago

I would say "slow news day?", but that would be an understatement.

"This unwritten rule for Rocket League states that when two players’ cars get linked together, such as in a face-to-face or rear-to-rear arrangement, these two players must stay in this position until outside interference separates them."

That's literally it. That's the only "rule" that is mentioned in this article.

Gravity_DoGG257d ago

Thats "Rule 1" or as the OG's would call it "Rule 0" But its the most cringe shit ever. No one wants to lock cars if you are playing a competetive game. Players even get pissed and spam chat when you back out of it like you violated them or some shit.


The best free PS5 games to play right now

These are the best PS5 games that are completely free to play, so long as you have the space on your console to download them.

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Kaii310d ago

"These are the best PS5 games," says Destiny 2