Gamespot, as unprofessional as ever

Socom Confrontation was recently released last week, and it was so with massive problems and road blocks permitting anyone who bought the game from enjoying a full game (myself included)...

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theKiller5216d ago

they r professional to who pay them for advertising!!!

ELite_Ghost5216d ago

they have no exclusive videos, crappy reviews and previews, no one goes on that site anymore...

sonarus5216d ago

Seriously, Socom should have been delayed but sony didn't delay it. These negative reviews will help prevent the release of a broken game in the future

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

I consider GameSpot a "confirmation bias" they only look that evidence that supports their perception. BioShock, Warhawk, even Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had their fare share of launch issues. Gamespot gives them all the scores they deserve, but when it comes to a highly anticipated launch for the PlayStation 3, lol.

So yes they're professionals they are sure doing what the media does with the news, lol and you can't forget the sensationalism. Socom's problems have nothing to do with the number of people logging in at once at launch, so it must be the game.

Raptura5216d ago

Gamespot has always been gay and sucked.

PS - Romain's gay.

kapedkrusader5216d ago

...they had their beta. If they didn't have all these issues resolved, they shouldn't have released the game.

The Matrix5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Ok so listen to a guy who's been around video games and video game website's for a long time. GameSpot has made some mistakes (Ratchet and Clank future was not less than an 8.5 in my opinion) but not that many. I THINK IT WAS RIGHT FOR THEM TO RATE AN SOCOM SO LOW BECAUSE, WELL IT WAS CRAP WHEN THEY REVIEWED IT. GameSpot is doing a favor for all of us and here's why:

If developers see that they can release [email protected]$$ed games all the time and just patch them later then they will start doing it. If people like GameSpot do a crackdown and say, "Hey, you can't just give us half a game and expect us to wait until you feel like finishing it."


p.s. sorry for the caps.

marinelife95216d ago

I played Socom in the beta and loved it when I could actually play it. They should have held it back a few weeks to get the bugs ironed out.

Paying for a game and not being able to play it is a worse than giving a good game a bad review.

sonarus5216d ago

You guys are being too hard on gamespot. The bottom line is Socom as it is right now is unacceptable. It simply was not ready for release and sony released it anyway. Yes the game is fantastic *when you can play it* but features such as joining friends games and trophies were things we were told would be in the game. Not things to be added on as a patch. This isn't a launch title so that is just inexcusable. If sony wanted to release it on time by all means they should have assisted slant six with more resources to get it done.

Gameplay is fantastic but the game is broken. They should have held off on the reviews till it was fixed but then again sony should have held onto the game until it was fixed.

LegendKillar5216d ago

you contradicted yourself in that statement, you say that gamespot is biased when it comes to sony games, but also say they gave warhawk the score it deserved.

Difference between the launch of warhawk and the socom launch is that warhawk was playable and socom at its current state is not, warhawks problem at launch was the stat tracking not network issues.

plain rice5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Score is totally acceptable to me and some should know that I'm a Socom fan. As long as Gamestop and any other site re-reviews the game when the bugs are ironed out I'm ok with it. I bet when all the promised features are added and all the issues are fixed this game should score no less than 9's across the board.

If you ask me 6.5 is very generous for a very buggy game with missing featues. That goes to show you this game has the potential to be a AAA title. The gameplay is fantastic. Only thing standing in the way is the missing features and the server issues.

Slant Six may suck at coding but they sure have way way better support for the community than Zipper Int. That's a fact.

Lucreto5216d ago

Socom is an online game and will receive patches to improve the experience but the score won't change when the game is running properly and the gliches they talk about will be gone making the review invalid.

They should have waited a few weeks but the beta was running smoothly for me and I will get it when it is released in Europe.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Stat tracking is network issues, lol how do you think they track you if it wasn't for the network? The game itself isn't broken it's just the servers causing problems. All most every server available is full it's almost impossible to even get in let alone play. Once you're in the game it's amazing.

With Warhawk it wasn't a long time franchise like Socom there was only one other Warhawk game the most people have forgotten. Socom is like the equivalent of Halo 3 on the XBOX 360 so by stating it doesn't live up to the hype would be a big deal.

I meant Enemy Territory: Quake Wars not BioShock and if you read or watch the review they'll comment the PlayStation 3 version is lacking. when the XBOX 360 version doesn't even have first person view for some of the vehicles. Then an actual comparision video came out and the PlayStation 3 version came out slightly better.

DaDarkKnight5216d ago

I don't get why everyone is saying they should have not released the game until all the bugs are ironed out when the game is online only. If they held the game back it would have been going through the same thing, why because its online only. Only way they could fix the problems was by releasing the game. When they were using the game with only a few people in beta it seemed to run good but when they released it to the mass market it put a strain on their servers and that's a problem with online only games that cannot be found until it is released. This is not going to be the last, just wait until home, and mag comes out. Im just happy that they no the game have problems and that they will patch it up so give the guys a break lol

IdleLeeSiuLung5216d ago

I'm not a fan of GameSpot, but I think it is justified to review a game when it is released. If it is patched later, then maybe just maybe should we update the review.

Why? Because releasing a game unfinished and in poor condition (many of the problems they are having was present during the Beta) is doing customers a disservice. If it isn't ready for release, then don't. I understand that online games inherently have problems that are unforseen, but this is clearly ripping customers off knowingly.

Why should the publisher take my money promising a game experience they knowingly can't deliver at the moment? Warhawk had many of the same issues. Perhaps a larger and longer Beta period is in order. This is total lack of concern for the consumer and has nothing to do with PS3 as a console.

Even if you are a PS3 fanboy, this is doing you a disservice and shouldn't be covered up!!! This is making your loving console less loved by others....

Tarasque5216d ago

I can't believe people are still whining about Socom reviews, this is truly sad. It is broken i would be lucky to give it a 6.5, for people that doesn't understand you base your reviews of a product they ship to you to review. If it broken and plagued with problems then your review will show that. And on a side note of R&C 7.5 is a fairly good review, i wouldn't have gave it much more than that. I had a good time playing the game but it got fairly repetitive and the graphics are pretty good but nothing spectacular.

Xelai5216d ago

Unprofessional is to give high marks to a buggy unplayable game.
By the way is tiresome to read constantly that unprofessional is giving any PS3 game a low mark, result of strange conspiracies and money from MS.

BlackTar1875216d ago

I say almost because I ahve had no problems since saturday night but some of the people I play with get booted everynow and then and lasst night my frineds froze on him but it s almost 100% with no problems right now. all these reviews had to have been done in the first 72hrs of release becasue ive heard nothing but good stuff the last couple of days online. I play 32 player maos all day and no hiccups. but i do understand maybe im lucky but for my friends that arnt the issues are that bad. its online the internet isnt perfect. Hell WoW has problems all the time wheres there negative press?

kwicksandz5216d ago

They can only review the code that they have and if it was buggy as hell, just as the retail copies are of course it would get a low score. The devs should have delayed the game rather than release a non working product.

In this day and age of $99 new releases a buggy unfinished game with the promise of a patch in some unspecified future date doesnt cut it.

BattleAxe5215d ago

This article took the words right out of my mouth. I consider IGN to be the lead standard in video games reviews. I get so tired of these biased reviews, it makes me sick.

If a game is good then review it as such, and if its bad, then review it as such.

I've been playing Socom quite a bit in the past few days, and it is definately one of the best online games out there. The maps are beautiful and the gameplay is fantastic as always with tight controls.

My score for this game is 8.9/10

Legion5215d ago

Unproffesional why??? Because they gave it an accurate rating?

If the game is plagued with bugs that bring it to it's knees then it should be rated as such.

First you got the fanboys screaming about wait to see the games... b3yond crap. And now when you get the games they are saying wait until the patch before you review it..? Rate it b3yond??? what the f*ck????!!!! When are you going to learn..?/ Really!?? When???

The Makr5215d ago

Sony chose to put this game out before it was close to ready. You reap what you sow. If you don't want negative reviews then finish the product! It's not the reviewers job to guess when Sony is done with it. They have to move on to new games and new reviews. That's how it works.

The writer of this article has a shriveled pea for a brain.

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Pennywise5216d ago

I agree, but did we think these sites would act any different?

Should Socom get a break because /6 couldnt get it right? Dont get me wrong, I love this game... but /6 dropped the ball.

They did the same to Warhawk, which is silky smooth right now. Socom will improve, but /6 did not try to make this a smooth release. The bugs and missing features are one thing... but not having the servers up to par on the PS brands #1 online franchise for day1 is unacceptable.

The servers are solid for me now, but why set yourself up for bad reviews?? They released it like this and we can expect 1up and gamestop and whoever else to cast their score on what they have. Its a shame they wont update the scores in the coming weeks.

WildArmed5216d ago

Quite frankly they should have waited for the servers to stablize.. a game is not ranked on how bad it started.. but on gameplay,graphics,sound,etc (which SOCOM nearly excells in)

Pennywise5216d ago

I agree fully. But they opened a door they can not close now, which sucks.

Mr_Bun5216d ago

I have to add, I own SOCOM too and love it, but there was a beta for exactly the problems that they are having now and these should have been addressed...On the other side, they have been quick to rectify the majority of "connection" problems so at least they are working on it.

5216d ago
socomnick5216d ago

Seriously though, socom confrontation fails in every front exept 1, they offer great customization, but everything else fails, slow menus, horrible lag, horrible gameplay, horrible gun play, slant six managed to completely destroy the Socom franchise forever.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago

I'm a Socom fanatic and I'm loving Socom once you actually get into battles. Slant Six Games did an amazing job on the game it's just the number of people logging in at once caused the problems. It's a long time franchise like Metal Gear Solid it's natural to have a lot of followers.

Nineball21125216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

The franchise is destroyed FOREVER according to Socomnick.

Easy with the drama.

Ontopic: I don't have much beef with Gamespot's reviews. I think they had to go with what was available to them when they reviewed this game. Maybe they can revise or update their review when the patches are in place?

sonarus5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

@someone plays. Socomnick isn't even a socom fan don't let his name fool you. He is just a clown who hates every PS3 game. :)

Socom gameplay is fantastic and i haven't even customized my character yet:o

@pennywise i repeat once again. Socomnick is NOT a fan of socom and has NEVER been. Any real fan will tell you the gameplay in socom is fantastic

Pennywise5216d ago

Come on SOCOMnick... dont be such a drama queen. This game rocks. My menus dont lag and I get in games just fine. And Gameplay?? LOL PEople will be playing this for years to come.

BlackTar1875216d ago

They messed up and I agree grade on what was there at reatil on open day. But the reviews reflect nothing but scores based on a internet server issue nothing to do with the game itself you dont lower scores that bad based on hiccups not casued by code you review the game and in the reviwew should be stated that if it is fixed the score would be such and such. you guys saying its okay to ive the game this score is fine thats your opnion but there not grading the game there gading the servers and they have no problem bringing the score down based on everything but the actual game it should be noted and deducted for these issues but the reviews should not be brought down based of no gameplay issues with the code. anywasy I dont care the 100k people on right now dont care either.

BlackTar1875216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Sorry I take it abck i came at you wrong I was jsut tryign to see what part is broken and how is all. I think its all good and Ive palyed since socom 1 except the the laser thing mentioned below.

natwitgudvib5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

Funniest glitch, a guy shot me while pretending to hold a gun! I laughed my ass off.

Even though its glitchy as hell right now, Im still gonna play the
dodo out of it! The review was proper though 6.5/10 for now!

PS this is my first SOCOM game

PSN ID: nyabynghi

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PimpHandStrong5216d ago

is ppl review the patchs that will be coming!

thats all im asking

If the sites that reviewed the game broken as it is dont follow up with news of the fix....if it works or not....then yes they where very unprofessional

creeping judas5216d ago

well reviews are done on the delivered product, not promises of future fixes.

I mean we all know the game was delivered broken.

What would be nice is if these reviewers went back after a few more patched and did a "review revisited" article. Doing a re-review to say. And comment on the game on the "as is now" status VS the "was then" status of the game.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago

The game was delivered perfect it's just the number of players online causing the bottle necks. You can't prevent that before launch just look at BioShock's score. Now that game was delivered broken on the PC/XBOX 360 because it was completely off-line. This game's controls work so the game itself doesn't need fixing but the servers themselves need to hold more people.

creeping judas5216d ago

to me when I see laser sights thru walls, shadows from another player one floor above me, and the developer not anticipating this huge influx of players onto their servers is kinda of delivering a broken product.

and dont get me wrong. even though i complain i am still playing and enjoying the game. but i see it for what it is.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

The game's controls aren't broken, the customizing options aren't broken, the mics work like they should, and creating a clan works. It's the servers that aren't working therefore you can't have stat updates.

It's like trying out your new sports car and finding out there is traffic everywhere you go. So getting to the race track will take a bit longer, once there it's well worth it. The car itself doesn't have problems it's the number of people heading to the same place. The only thing the game doesn't have is trophies now that's the game's code.

creeping judas5216d ago

Love the analogy!!!!!

cheers mate!!!

Time_Is_On_My_Side5216d ago

lol, it's the best analogy I could come up with when dealing with an online only game.

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PimpHandStrong5216d ago

not having features is total BS

No stat tracking

No trouphies


Slant Six is in the dog house and if they dont fix this game within the month they will have crushed one of my fav franchies and i will put this dog down

ultimolu5216d ago

Silogon is on a roll and he has a good point especially.
Gamespot has always hated the PS3 and the games.

Tiberium5215d ago

they gave MGS4 a 10. and they gave gtaIV a 10. that means the ps3 has 2 tens and the 360 has one. how does that make them ps3 haters? just the opposite I think.