VR vs. Lean Pickings

With E3 a bit lacklustre on the VR front, Gamescom was going to have step up. So naturally Oculus had a whole two videogames on its booth. VRFocus' Kevin E tries to wrap his head around that, in this week's VR vs.

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ibrake4naps1120d ago

If Oculus is going to compete with psvr, it's gonna have to step up. I love my rift, but we need more flow of games. Take note: chronos, lone echo, edge of nowhere, etc. were brilliant!

ApocalypseShadow1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

First off, E3 was not a disappointment. Keep hearing this from people expecting a stage presence when it's impossible to convey vr across television screens and monitors. That's why Sony had journalists, gamers and developers try the new games on the show floor where it makes the most sense. As you need to experience vr in person and not watch someone else to get it. Then those same individuals go back and tell others of their experience. Like "JOURNALISTS" are supposed to do.

And games like Torn, Creed, Tetris Effect, Ghost Giant, Gungrave, Stormland, Wolfenstein, Astrobot, Firewall Zero Hour (that just released to great reception), Blood and Truth. Megalith, Space Pirate Trainer, Evasion, Beat Saber, The Persistence, Vacation Simulator, Bow to Blood, Star Trek TNG DLC, Echo Combat, Prey. The Elder Scrolls Blades, Trover saves the Universe.Transference, Deracine,etc. Don't let these article writers sway you in thinking there was nothing there for console and PC.

Oculus wasn't really there as they have their own conference that presents their products called Oculus Connect. A lot of developers and manufactures are going it alone and not presenting at E3 so that they can control the message and have the public's focus all on them like Apple does and Nintendo. But a lot of the games above are coming to Rift and the Vive that were at E3.

There were games presented at Gamescom. Just because a game came out on one system than another doesn't mean you discredit the game. Moss came out on psvr. Now PC gamers get to play it. Beat Saber came out on PC. Now psvr players get to play it. There's nothing wrong with that. Expecting tons and tons of games to be announced is ridiculous entitlement.

I expect games shown at OC5 and The Tokyo Game Show and PSX. with games announced in-between those. Just have to have patience.