Microsoft India Assures Gears 2 Won't Suffer Same Fate as Fallout 3

The Angry Pixel writes: "Yee-ouch, what a huge difference a single week can make, that too right just before a major game release like Fallout 3. It was an admirable attempt for Microsoft India to step-up to the plate and try to bring over the Xbox 360 version, so that everyone can hold hands together and play prosperously in our precious nuclear holocaust simulator. But now, not so much. Microsoft India has gone on record saying that due to some 'cultural sensitivities' - Fallout 3 will simply not come to retailers (officially, that is).

This shocking news has certainly come in a strange light of instances where several big-name titles (Fallout 3 especially after the whole rating dilemma with Australia) have been getting the launch shaft due to similar reasons. One recent occurrence reported by EDGE was that Gears of War 2 was not to be made available in the countries of Japan (as well as Germany). Would India be denied of some much needed Locust-slaughtering after today's fateful news with the PIP-Boy 3000?"

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