Capcom On Ninja Theory: 'Those Guys Are Style Incarnate'

Capcom's Hideaki Itsuno on Ninja Theory, Nico, and the difference between Dante and Nero.

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strayanalog2123d ago
ApocalypseShadow2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

No. Platinum Games(formally Clover Studios) are style incarnate. Devil May Cry had style before Ninja Theory touched it. And the head of NT said Devil May Cry had no style originally.

**But, you know, what was cool 12 years ago – I think that was when the first game came out [It actually came out nine years ago for PS2 – JC] – isn’t cool any more.**

Will never play his version of what cool is supposed to be. They can make a fun game yes. But who decides what's cool and stylish or not? I can have the same opinion that his style is not cool. And its sales reception showed most of us didn't care for it. The changed gameplay and the look.

LgbtWarrior2123d ago

The only person you’re hurting is yourself because it is a phenomenal game. you’re exactly the type of gamer who spreads negativity without ACTUALLY playing the game. Sad n toxic.

ApocalypseShadow2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Has nothing to do with being bought by Microsoft. I liked and still have heavenly sword. I didn't like what they came up with for devil may cry. I think the story, the gameplay and the look stinks. The foul language stinks.

You might think it was cool. I didn't. That's why they call it opinions. Changing something doesn't mean everyone is going to like it. You might have liked the last fantastic four remake or ghost busters. I didn't. Maybe the new DMC is for the new gamers that likes ninja theory's version. I liked the old stories of devil may cry, the gameplay and how they looked.

Not hurt. Just won't ever play it. Not buying something doesn't mean I'll miss it. GOW fits the bill very well. So did ninja gaiden.

Jinger2123d ago


He never said anything about them being bought by Microsoft as the reason... you brought that up out of the blue. You sure it doesn't have you feelin some sort of way?

ApocalypseShadow2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

King noctis mentioned it below. I was answering him as well without having to post two comments.

I didn't buy any of their games after heavenly sword. Don't care that they were bought by MS. How could I be upset about their purchase when I didn't buy their next games before it happened. Or the vr game they made a long time ago.

You guys read into it. I don't like the direction it took. Rather it have been a story about Mundus rise to power and the legendary dark night sparda eventually opposing him. And maybe see Dantes mom kick some butt and show how she maybe swayed him to join the human fight.

I bet you hideki kamiya's game would have been better than DMC. HE CREATED THE CHARACTER with the rest of his team. And his combat system would have been better than ninja theory's. It's like saying you like metal gears direction after Hideo Kojima. That would be ridiculous.

Bayonetta is better and more stylish even though it's now locked to nintendo.

IamTylerDurden12122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

DmC wasn't phenomenal, it was adequate. There was nothing about the game design that screamed "phenomenal". Even combat felt less smooth and stylish, especially with the mediocre framerate. I would also put many devs ahead of Ninja Theory in terms of style/art direction.


Team ICO



From Soft/Miyazaki - the boss designs and Bloodborne alone catapult them ahead.

Irrational - granted they split, but the Bioshock franchise puts them on the list. System Shock 2 as well.

That Game Company


Speaking of style, Alice Madness Returns was immaculate, it's a shame Spicy Horse disbanded. Incredible art direction. Though, supposedly art was outsourced. Idk? Whoever was art director on that game killed it. Although American Mcgee likely had a huge influence on the art design.

ULTp0ltergeist2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

@Apocalypse Who are you people? I can't wait for the day when console exclusives are dead so we can focus on talking about games only.

GameBoyColor2122d ago

"But i got a bigger dick" -new dante

Quatron2122d ago

First off, take your millennial-level buzzwords elsewhere you brainless roach.
Second off, learn to get better taste than this drivel that didn't even sell well.

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King_Noctis2123d ago

Why is the sudden hate on Ninja Theory? Because they join MS?

2123d ago
Platformgamer2123d ago

no one hates ninja theory because of that, they made good games exept hellblade that is a mediocre boring game.
what will they do under microsoft wing is unknown, i hope good games so i can re-use my xbox one S after months of inactivity

NecrumOddBoy2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

It's more sad that Ninja Theory went exclusively to a platform that not only disrespects their developers and controls their creative freedons, but has a minimal amount of users who do not play the types of games NT creates. I worry for Ninja Theory's future.

Moe-Gunz2123d ago

HellBlade was awesome. I will say the combat could have been deeper but it was a very good and interesting game. NT are talented.

BushLitter2123d ago

I love Ninja Theory, and am so sad that they're exclusive to MS now. Sony should have bought them when they had the chance. Will probably end up getting an Xbox next gen just to play whatever the fuck it is they make next.

DmC was an excellent game, my favourite from all of the others. I was amazed to see that the interviewee was of a somewhat similar opinion.

jeremyj29132123d ago

Not sudden. They have been looked at in a negative light by most hardcore Devil May Cry fans since DmC and especially Tameem's attitude towards said fans.

Hedstrom2123d ago

Yes! Alot of Ninja Theory's fans are playstaion owners, hence the dissapointment that they sold out to MS and they cant play their games no more.

IamTylerDurden12123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

King Noctis

Ninja Theory is receiving backlash because during their entire career and particularly the development of Hellblade they preached the importance of quality independent developers. They preached about creative freedom and even coined the term "Independent AAA". They acted like they were all about creative freedom and independence and they launch an enormously successful independent game only to immediately be bought out by one of the most controlling publishers in the industry. They now work for a publisher that doesn't respect the style of game that they make, marketing to about 1/3 the potential audience, to an audience that doesn't traditionally buy sp games. It just seems hypocritical to sign with Microsoft after everything both Ninja Theory and Microsoft have said about sp games and independent development. Obviously the money took precedent over everything else, which is sad, because Hellblade was a success that should've emphasised the fact that they can be a successful independent studio.

gangsta_red2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )


Maybe you should watch this...


That enormously successful independent game was successful but the road to get there was paid for in outsourced grunt work, because they still didn't see a lot of success with their past games...even to this audience that you believe they best catered too.

"It just seems hypocritical to sign with Microsoft"

Even though MS never said they were against sp but you've been told and shown this numerous times but still like to keep that false narrative alive here on n4g. Cute.

"Hellblade was a success that should've emphasised the fact that they can be a successful independent studio."

Definitely watch the video Tyler and then maybe you can have a little more insight on the behind the scenes of this industry instead of sideline commentating on what you personally think you know.

Quatron2122d ago

Where the hell have you been for the past 5 years idiot?

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2123d ago
gamer78042123d ago

OR, both platinum games and ninja theory both have style... doesn't have to be one or the other.

Sevir2123d ago

LOL you all are still upset about a game that came out nearly 7 years ago?
The game sold well enough 2-3 million, roughly what most DMC games sell life time.

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FallenAngel19842124d ago

I do see some DmC influences in DMC5

Eiyuuou2123d ago

Yeah, but those are really minor.

Nano_predator2123d ago

some ? .. more like 80% of the game

Concertoine2123d ago

What exactly did they take from DmC. Genuine question...

And don't say Nero's haircut.

DangerousDAN2123d ago

Yeah, even Nero looks like DmC Dante.

Segata2123d ago

He looks like Nero with shorter hair.

Enturax2123d ago

Nothing about his face or hair resembles his DMC4 version. Dante? Yes. But not Nero.