All Mario Kart games ranked

Chris Hyde: "As I continue my journey down the perilous road of ranking some of Nintendo's most-loved franchises, our attention this time turns to arguably Mario's favourite recreational hobby - go-karting - in the form of the Mario Kart series."

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Profchaos1070d ago

It's pretty accurate but my nostalgic brain demands mario kart 64 to be number 1

Jrios3551070d ago

I'm glad it isn't, no matter how nostalgic it is. I grew up playing Mario Kart 64, but looking back at it, the game has not aged well. Not compared to other cart racing games of the time (Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing).

Sgt_Slaughter1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

I'd put Super Circuit 3rd, 64 2nd, and 8 Deluxe 1st. Also why combine Deluxe and 8? They're different games technically.

DivineAssault 1070d ago

No theyre not. Theyre both Mario Kart 8. One is just the definitive edition and the other a damn fine beta (figuratively speaking).

3-4-51070d ago

BS. Mario Kart 7 is awesome. It's easily one of the best and it only gets complaints because it didn't have the extra modes the DS game had, but NO other Mario Kart game really does either.

MK7 has a true legit Battle mode as well unlike Mario Kart Wii U/8 when it launched.

MK7 also has Rock Rock Mountain, which IMO is one of the best MK tracks ever created.

Also All the music in MK8 is boring and sounds the same. I liked the music in MK7 much better.

MK8 just looks much better.

Nerdmaster1070d ago

I'm glad the writer didn't surrender to nostalgia and didn't say 64 is the best one, like some people do. 64 has the most boring (too slow, too long, too wide) tracks in all the series. In the games with tracks from past games, the ones from 64 are what I like the least...

strotee1070d ago

#1 Mario Kart 8 (inc. Deluxe)
#2 Mario Kart Double Dash
#3 Super Mario Kart
#4 Mario Kart DS
#5 Mario Kart 64
#6 Mario Kart Super Circuit
#7 Mario Kart Wii
#8 Mario Kart 7

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