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Until Dawn Studio Supermassive Games [Goes Their Own Way] for The Dark Pictures Anthology

This week on The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, Hosts Joseph, Kyle and Special Guest Sean Capri talk about the latest news coming from Gamescom! Out of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, and Shenmue 3 which has the gang more excited. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night gets a delay, and Vita version gets canceled, as the final death nail for PlayStation Vita. Spyro Reignited Trilogy gets pushed back to November 13th, and Supermassive Games leaves Sony for Bandai Namco's Dark Anthology Series, should Sony have bought Supermassive Games.

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extreme clickbait to game heat. No one has "left" PlayStation.
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ApocalypseShadow2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

As much as I like Supermassive, let's correct this a little with MY words and opinion...

"After tarnishing their image with 3 released games(Hidden Agenda, Bravo Team and The Inpatient-all below 66% on metacritic) that were rushed out the door to profit off of their success of Until Dawn(79%) and Rush of Blood(72%) on Playstation and PSVR, Supermassive games has gone multiplatform to recoup their losses and hopefully their reputation."

"Why would Sony buy a developer that didn't care for QUALITY over QUANTITY?"

Neonridr2098d ago

it's a fair point you bring up since it seems like their games are progressively getting worse in terms of quality. I am not sure if it's their desire to push into the VR market which is affecting their quality. Perhaps they should have just delivered another solid 2D game instead.

ILostMyMind2098d ago

The PSVR's game is not one of those low scored games.

Neonridr2098d ago

@ILostMyMind - go look up Bravo Team.. lol

himdeel2098d ago

Sony never owned them, so how exactly did they leave Sony now?

showtimefolks2098d ago

This isn't news since they came out after until dawn and said after their deal with Sony they want to make games for other platforms

Sony never owned them so its one of those things where the deal ended and both parties decide to part ways. Let's not forget the fact Sony put them on the map so I am sure supermassive appreciate t

gangsta_red2098d ago

They left Sony as a publisher.

"the fact Sony put them on the map"

Don't know if that's actually a fact considering Sony didn't push their games as much as they should have which is probably why they decided to not go with Sony this time and go multiplat.

Elwenil2098d ago


You don't "pick" a publisher. You attempt to sell your idea to a publisher in order to get the game published and/or get more funding for development. If the publisher thinks the idea will sell and be profitable, then they will negotiate a deal. If not, then you move on to less desirable publishers and most likely less and less appealing deals. More than likely, due to the low performance of recent games, Sony declined to publish whatever their newest project is or offered a less appealing deal and they were forced to shop around for another publisher.

gangsta_red2098d ago


Pretty sure that's not how it exactly works.

Supermassive's deal with Sony as a publisher probably forced them to let Sony own the IP for any game they made.

For their next project they more than likely wanted to keep the IP for themselves and therefore shop around for another publisher.

Considering it's Namco, I don't see how they would be "less desirable", especially when they are a major third party game developer and they are able to bring this game to every major platform.

uth112097d ago

i think they were contracted to do those games by Sony and overpromised what they could deliver in the time frame.

devs who work there have said as much

Razzer2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

This is nothing but speculation. We have no idea what prompted this. As far as we know, Sony simply didn't have any work for them. And that too is just speculation.

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bluefox7552098d ago

I like Hidden Agenda actually, though I would have preferred them sticking to making great full length games rather than bite sized ones.

porkChop2098d ago

If the games were pushed out the door before they were ready that would be Sony's fault, not Supermassive. The publisher decides when games are ready for release.

And you don't "correct" something with an opinion as opinions aren't facts.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago ) Supermassive is independant...they had full control over there games. You clearly have no idea how this works. It is never as simple as "The publisher decides". Sony is one of the most open and gives devs freedom.

porkChop2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

You're the one who doesn't understand how game dev works. It doesn't matter if Supermassive was independent. The publisher decides when to release a game and whether to delay. Supermassive had creative control, but they don't control the business side of things.

showtimefolks2098d ago


It works both ways but if Sony saw that giving extra time wouldn't help than makes no sense but we do have history that shows Sony usually gives a lot of freedom and time

Look at the 3 reboots got dreams and games like heavy rain/detroit which other publishers didn't want to touch

2098d ago
JesusBuiltmyHotrod2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

So you know sony forced to release the game and Supermassive never said it was ready? I await your proof. The Burden of proof is on you. Sony is the most lenient pub out there.

porkChop2098d ago


EA regularly releases unfinished games, so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? Dragon Age 2, BF4, Mass Effect Andromeda, etc. EA literally has a history of releasing unfinished games.


No one is denying that Sony usually gives devs plenty of extra time to make great games. But that doesn't mean they do so 100% of the time.


The proof are the Supermassive games that were released unfinished after being tested by Sony's own QA teams. They played the games, they would have seen that they weren't ready for release and needed more polish. Yet the games were greenlit and released anyway.

Don't pretend Sony wouldn't have known the games weren't ready. Every publisher knows. 90% of the time Sony's games are very well polished, but every once in a while they release a rough game. And that's true of every publisher, especially EA and Microsoft though.

sinspirit2097d ago

This goes two ways.

1. If the publisher proposes an idea to be completed in a certain amount of time, and the developer agrees it can make that happen.

2. In this case, SM came to Sony with their idea, given with their expected completion window, which the publisher agrees to. It's not always the publisher that brings up the release date. But, it is their final decision. SM failed to deliver in the window they said they needed.

porkChop2097d ago


"SM failed to deliver in the window they said they needed."

Absolutely. No argument there. I'm just saying that when Sony was QA testing the games they would have seen that the games weren't ready. A delay should have been made for those games to get the polish they needed. The publisher makes the final call, and they made a mistake in that instance.

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remixx1162098d ago


Gotta agree with you on that last point, I like Sony but damn do they have an issue with marketing their exclusives.

Last year in Q1 Sony had gravity Rush 2, tales of bersia, yakuza 0, nioh, kingdom hearts 1.5 2.5 hd, nier automata and ni no Kuni 2 all releasing in the same period but unless you follow PlayStation heavily you'd think horizon zero Dawn was the only game dropping the first half of the year with how hard Sony pushed it. (Poor poor gravity Rush 2, my goty for last year next to botw and persona and it's servers already got shut down due to lack of sales/marketing)

Mr_Writer852097d ago


Other than GR2 and Horizon Sony don't own or publish any of those games, take Yakyza 0 for example, the game is owned by Sega, who could port that game to PC or Xbox.

Why would Sony take money away from marketing from a game they have spent millions on (HZD) to market Yakuza?

remixx1162097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


I'm not suggesting exactly that per se, more that if your first party studio develops an exclusive then either A: don't release it in the same window as a bunch of other more established exclusives on your platform or B: at least give it some marketing so it doesn't drown in a crowded window.

Also Sony helped publish a few of those for it's platform so why not market them, they market games like cod and red dead which aren't even exclusive (keep in mind I understand why they do this).

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doggo842098d ago

Until Dawn Studio Supermassive Games Leaves PlayStation for The Dark Pictures Anthology

That's quite an overstatement there considering they were never owned by Sony and Until Dawn IP was always owned by Sony

DaReapa2098d ago

...And not to mention, The Dark Pictures Anthology is still releasing on PS4.

porkChop2098d ago

With the exception of two small games, Supermassive have been a PlayStation-only dev since they were founded in 2008. While they weren't owned by PlayStation they were still primarily a PlayStation developer.

doggo842098d ago

But just because they are making a multiplat game, it doesnt mean they have abandoned Sony and will never make exclusives for them again.