Evil Avatar: Warioland: Shake it! Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The latest title in the long running "Warioland" series comes to us not long after it was announced. Only a few weeks ago Evil Avnovice showed us scans from Famitsu and now it's whirring around in my Wii. Perhaps we should be worried that the title was rushed out to fill the void of first-party Nintendo titles? Prepare to have your fears alleviated.

"Warioland", as it shall be known from here in, is a 2D platform game that has Wario chasing after his favourite thing. When the games villain "Shake King" steals the Shake Dimension's greatest treasure, a bottomless coin bag, and a non-peachy queen our anti-hero is called upon to save the day by her subjects the "Merfles" and grab the treasure."

The Good

* Truly beautiful 2D art.
* Refined platforming.
* Some genuinely funny moments.

The Bad

* Not quite enough content to justify the full purchase price.
* Uncomfortable Wii remote shaking.
* Map system can feel obstructive.

The Ugly

* No HD on the Wii.
* Spoiler: War

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