Videogamer: Mushroom Men Development Diary - 10/22/08

Videogamer writes: "Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is an original platforming IP coming to Wii later this year. With the game due out soon we'll be brining you a series of development diaries from key members of the Red Fly Studio dev team, highlighting certain areas of the game and some of the techniques that have been used. In this fourth diary, by interactions design lead James Clarendon, you'll learn more about the Wii game's boss battles.

When I came onto revising the boss fights in Mushroom Men, we had some basic mechanics in place but they needed a lot of iteration to make them truly interesting. We didn't exactly have a lot of time, so I looked back on some of the fun boss moments I'd experienced in the past. I'm a huge retro-game fanatic, with a big collection of old systems, so I spent an afternoon or two with some of my favourite old games to find out what made those bosses fun."

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