Diablo III will utilize Nintendo Online's app for voice chat

The newly announced Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III will utilize the Nintendo Online mobile app for voice chat in online play.

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PhoenixUp55d ago

Oh god how dafuq is this still a thing with a soon to be paid for subscription service

porkChop55d ago

No idea. It's ridiculous. This app should just be integrated into the Switch itself.

Shiken54d ago

Funny thing is that Fortnite has native voice chat in-game. There is no excuse for any other online game to not have.

Using the app for cross game party chat is one thing, but using it to bypass adding it to the base software is just lazy. This whole apo, as others have said, sould at least be an optional download to the Switch itself. Then it would actually be decent and viable.

wonderfulmonkeyman55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

If they don't make a way of accessing that app directly from the switch, then this stupid app is going to single-handedly kill a lot of interest that people would usually have towards multiplayer gameson Switch that are, outside of chat, otherwise pretty good.

Having said that, I have no intention of using the chat in games like this regardless, so it's not going to affect me one way or the other.

Chat in online gaming has become too toxic for me to personally bother with.

I have no faith that idiotic dudebros, tryhards, and screaming immature (be they in age or attitude) players are suddenly going to act better just because it's on a Nintendo system.

FallenAngel198455d ago

Didn’t Fortnite on Switch already show you can use voice chat natively without that app

porkChop55d ago

Yup. But Unreal Engine 4 has built-in support for that. Blizzard probably didn't want to do the extra work, which is a shame.

If these companies just built support for their engines one time, they could use it easily in all their future games.

Shiken54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Or Nintendo could just make the app an optional download to the Switch itself. This would solve all problems. However as things are now, devs should be adding native chat to their games.

If it is an engine issue as you say however, I place the blame on Nintendo. Such a simple solution that would keep the app worthwhile, better even, yet they have yet to do it. Hopefully they add it as a download and announce it with the online subscription. Till then, the voice chat remains my biggest problem with the Switch itself.

Neonridr53d ago

@Shiken - agreed, just make it an app on the Switch itself. That would save a lot of headaches. The app could run in the background while you play the game.

2pacalypsenow55d ago

Nintendo still stuck in the past.

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