5 Times Bland Gameplay Was Rescued by a Great Story

Some of the all-time best in gaming have been saved not due to their mechanics, but the story. Twinfinite lists five games where the story outshines the sub-par gameplay.

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michellelynn0976650d ago

None of those games were great. Sorry, if the gameplay isn't great, the game isn't.

jimbost79650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Respectfully totally disagree. Just replayed brothers a tale of two sons and think it's a great game. There's quite alot of others aswel. Played observer before that. Great game. Edith finch, great game. There's lots of games ive played that dont have the best gameplay but are still top games. Depends what you like playing really doesn't it?

michellelynn0976650d ago

I may check em out again. Sometimes a game you don't like from before(hi Halo 2 for me), you can change your mind. Thank you for telling me how much you enjoy it.

Spurg650d ago

LOOL...obviously Heavy Rain, Beyond two souls and Detroit.

Aceman18650d ago

I loved spec ops, and mass effect.

Movefasta1993650d ago

Same and I liked but not loved Alpha Protocol.

AK91650d ago

I'm going to get heat for this but I actually liked the combat in ME1 it was very unique for an RPG, ME2 & 3 were just generic Gears clones.

Also Deadly Premonition having a good story? What?