Saints Row: The Third announced for Switch

Saints Row: The Third is coming to Switch, Deep Silver has announced.

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Neonridr655d ago

wait, why such an old one? Why not 4? Saints Row 3? Really? I hope they improve the heck out of it.

thatguyhayat655d ago

Number 4 was god awful. Number 3 is waaay better than that alien invasion crap

Profchaos655d ago

Kind of subjective I enjoyed all the titles but it's sr1 above all others

Neonridr655d ago

okay, glad to hear. Just seemed so random to want to start with that title.

isarai655d ago

It had some REALLY cool parts though, the super powered drug trip/race was really cool, as was the streets of rage homage.

King_Noctis655d ago

It definitely is strange. But maybe they are testing the water first before bringing more SR games to the Switch.

Profchaos655d ago

Hopefully they bring more across more free roam titles are always a plus

wonderfulmonkeyman654d ago

Apparently, it's because 3 sold the best out of them thus far, so they're hoping to stretch its legs out a little longer using the Switch's popularity as a new system.

Neonridr654d ago

fair enough, I didn't play any of them after 1, so glad to see that at least we are getting one of the better ones, lol.

EddieNX 655d ago

This is widely regarded as much better than 4 so as long as it's cheap the it could be alright. Portable Sandbox is what the Switch needs.

lptmg655d ago

I still like 4 for the stupidity it provides... I mean, the game starts with Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing...

PhoenixUp655d ago

Seems strange it’s not a port of Saints Row IV with the Gat out of Hell standalone DLC included in the package

Outlawzz655d ago

Never played saints row, maybe I'll give it a shot now that it's on switch. I'm mainly a portable gamer, always have been and always will be.

jznrpg655d ago

That’s too bad , you have missed some of the best games ever. Don’t get me wrong I love portable as I own a 3DS Vita and Switch (which isn’t that portable without a bunch of power banks)

Outlawzz654d ago

@jznrpg I don't really feel I've missed them because I play most of the good games but just can never invest 60 plus hours on each game. I mean I have all consoles but I'm never home so I can never play them. Horizon took me a year to finally complete in June and persona 5 a couple of months. On switch I've been able to complete most of the games I've bought because I can squeeze in some time every now and then away from home.

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The story is too old to be commented.