Housemarque Reveals First Gameplay for New Shooter Stormdivers

Housemarque has made itself a household name with fantastic shooters like Super Stardust, Resogun, Alienation, Materfall and many more over their multi-decade history and their latest game may be their most ambitious yet.

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NecrumOddBoy1036d ago

Housemarque, why are you doing this?

fr0sty1035d ago

Looks fun, maybe they're bored of the arcade formula and wanted to try something different. Give them the chance to prove themselves.

arkard1035d ago

Housemarq started they were done with arcade shooters because they just don't sell

nucky641035d ago

right, frosty - because we need another MP/battle royale game

kparks1035d ago

Huge fan of them! all their games have been absolutely fantastic nex machina didn't get the praise it deserves. I was extremely disappointed when I heard they would move to make different games. I'm not liking the look of this but I might pick it up just to support them as I believe they are great Developers and have made alot of games I enjoy playing.

Army_of_Darkness1035d ago

Well... That was disappointing.. Another BR game.... I would like a dead nation 2 dammit!

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GottaBjimmyb1035d ago

Hmm, I was hoping it was an RTS or top down like hell divers, but then it basically shoves in your face it is just another battle royale. (Which is a genre I actually like, but is way overpopulated already)

xX-oldboy-Xx1035d ago

How many RPG's are there? MP shooters? FTP? Every genre except RTS is overpopulated then.

BR is the new kid on the block, that's all. The good ones will stay, bad ones will die.

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KickSpinFilter1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Can someone help me out? Is this the same developer of Resogun, Dead Nation, Super Stardust, games that I have adored? Or just a developer with the same name?

I knew they wanted (and needed) to try something different, but to chase the Battle Royal craze? JFC
I won't rule it out yet, but I am a little disappointed.

Palitera1035d ago

It’s just the same name. Their soul is mostly gone.

People here are acting like their only choices were “to rot in arcade oblivion” and “The 500th Battle Royale of the Day!”

What about some minimally inspired and creative game?

They’re acting like completely uninspired mobile devs.

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lelo2play1035d ago

Oh boy, another battle royal game.

One more developer to the slaughter...

VerminSC1035d ago

There are seriously only 2 major battle Royale games right now.

plmkoh1035d ago

That's because they're standing on the corpse of several BR games that have tried to cash in. I'm not even counting the Chinese clones popping up on iOS/Android

nowitzki20041035d ago

BR just getting started. Get used to it.

Blastoise1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

This is a sad day. Getting radical heights levels of desperation from this

Palitera1035d ago

Last breath before they vanish.

sypher1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Battle Royal game with classes... ouch.. think it might be a bit too late for anyone else other than massive AAA marketing to be successful in this space anymore to be honest.

When they said they were working on a non arcade game, I didn't expect this for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.