Velocity 2X developer can't convince a publisher to fund a sequel

You'd think the developer of a game with millions of players and positive reviews wouldn't have a hard time convincing a publisher to front up the cash for a sequel. But for the makers of Velocity 2X, they haven't just had a hard time of it - they've hit a brick wall.

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CocoaBrother154d ago

Velocity Ultra and 2X are amazing games. I do hope one day we can see the third game released.
Some of my toughest but most rewarding platinum trophies

bouzebbal153d ago

i platinumed both and i'm ready for the third..
just give that to me, and don't forget vita version please...

wheatley154d ago

I really hope they do. I will buy on switch to make sure.

MunchMiller00153d ago

That's because publishers are stupid as hell. I thought this had been established long ago.

Just tell them it's a COD shoot 'em up spinoff. They'll jizz in their pants hearing the name alone.

Wolfenstein51153d ago

Velocity 2X is one the most well designed games I have ever played. Every level is crafted with care and I was hooked from beginning to end. I find it hard to believe with all these indie titles releasing every day that Velocity is having a tough time getting published.