Pressing Up Isn't Gameplay: The Open World Problem

Billy Givens says, "Did you pay $60 for a 60-hour game or $60 for a 10 hour game with empty space between to trick you into believing you’re getting more game for your money? You may also love paying $35 for crab legs and having to spend 90% of the meal prying a tiny bit of meat from a shell."

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DrierofLeaves1871d ago

Disagree, open world games are among the best ones ever. I'm glad linear games exist too, since those are fantastic as well (loved God of War and TLOU!). But open world games are incredible.

SegaGamer1871d ago

SOME open world games are incredible, but a lot of them are pointless too. Sometimes I look at open world games and wonder why they made them that way to begin with. A lot of them have been filled with nothing or they have you doing repetitive tasks.

nowitzki20041870d ago

SOME Open world games are great..... same can be said for every single genre. Not every linear game is great.

born2live1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Anyone who wants to have this conversation should take some time to look at Jim Sterling's take on open world games: https://www.youtube.com/wat...
It's an old debate... Open world/map size does not necessarily equal great content.

bigmalky1871d ago

Final Fantasy XV is one of the most bland AAA games I have played this generation, worse than most AAA linear games.

Segata1870d ago

I don't even look at FFXV as open world since it's not that open and parts have to be unlocked through progression plus the last half of the game is linear. I look at the world as an overworld like older RPGs but they tried to sell it as an open world. If they were more clear it's an overworld not an open world might have been looked at slightly better. FFXV still has a lot of problems tho.

bigmalky1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

If it was an overworld, there would be no seamless interaction. Overworlds served a purpose for random encounters and access to towns and dungeons... FFXV is an open world where you can explore, fight, do side quests and enter and exit towns and such without loads.

Sorry, but it's not an overworld in any sense of the description.

rainslacker1870d ago

Ultimately, open world is only as good as what content there is to do in that world.

rainslacker1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Pressing up is a input command which is typically used to move the character forward. Moving forward is just an element of game play in every game I know. Game play is a pretty wide reaching term which refers to all the mechanical interactions which are determined by numerous inputs or actions performed by the player based on other interactions which exist in the game to cause something to happen within said game.

I know it's not the actual premise of the article, but I thought it'd be worth noting that the author doesn't seem to discern the difference between game play and game scope or presentation, as well as be able to use the term to properly express the intent of the articles thesis.

TekoIie1871d ago

Well that's how you distinguish a good open world game from a bad one. What are you looking at as you travel the world? What discoveries are you getting sidetracked by? What creatures are you encountering?

It makes it so you're not just pressing up but continually encountering something even if it's as simple as scenery.

dillydadally1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Exactly. I feel like he chose a really poor game as an example. I've never played an open world game as good at putting new and interesting things throughout the world as Zelda:BotW. Everywhere you went there was random challenges, unique world elements, mazes, new discoveries, and just tons of stuff to pull you off course. It was a blast just wandering around discovering stuff. Sounds like this guy was just pressing up to try to get to the next story bit and passing by everything and ignoring everything around him. Then he blames the game?

isarai1871d ago

Mashing a button is not gameplay either, you can say the same about any controller input when dumbed down that far. Yes i agree that open world games are becoming an over saturated genre much like the FPS genre was last gen. That doesn't mean open world is inherently bad, and if you ran out of things to experiment with in BoTW after 2 hrs then you weren't trying to do creative things AT ALL. Honestly in terms of the modern open world trend, BoTW was among the examples of doing it oh so right. if you're only exploring areas that just require you to hold forward you're missing like 80% of that game. Plus where are you "pressing up" towards? that's the point, and in BoTW it was always something new for the first 50hrs at least.

blawren41870d ago

Agreed. When you dumb it down and overgeneralize things. platformers are just jumping simulators or collectathons, racing is just going forward or left in some cases. walking simulators, Mario games, endless runners. There are many details that make a game good or great. Really?! open world games denigrated to pressing up to win. Hell a simple 3d maze crawler is more than that.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1871d ago

Eeeee, for the most part open world is over rated and wish game developers would dial it back some. Not all games need to be open world.

Imalwaysright1870d ago

I agree 100%. Many open world games just give you an illusion of being open and offering freedom. Many of them are nothing but icon filled maps and all you have to do is going to where mission A starts, do the mission and then go to where the next mission starts. This sort of design severely diminishes the open world aspect of any game because it gives next to no incentive to explore the world on your own. The world is not the focus of these kinds of games so what exactly is the point of making them "open world"? Just a waste of resources and time.

Segata1870d ago

LA Noire would have been a far better game without the open world so I agree. In fact, No More Heroes 2 improved on the first by removing it entirely.

Rimeskeem1871d ago

Tbf, linear games are a lot like that just, linear.