5 Things You Should Know About Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 is less than a month away and it has garnered a lot of notoriety since its debut back at E3 2017, and most recently with the subway promotional train at NYC's MTA shuttle from Times Square to 42nd Street. However, there are some things you should know about Spider-Man PS4 before it launches. Here are 5 things you should know about Spider-Man PS4.

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Lynx020786d ago

Well these one is interesting: "All Pre-Order Suits Are Unlockable".

Profchaos86d ago

They also seem to come in the standard edition so really it just means if you don't pre order you won't have some abilities on day 1. The only reason to buy special editions is the story dlc basically this is actually a good way to do pre orders you incentivise but don't punish people for picking it up after the reviews

Lynx020786d ago

Yeah, I agree. This is the best way to do preorders. I preordered already (I know it is wrong, but if I like previous developer's games I want to show them my support), but I wonder how good it is done. Unlocks to early in the game often breaks immersion (Sleeping Dogs is a great example).

86d ago
pinkystinkinc86d ago

Will flash thompson be played by a wimpy east indian kid?

ShadowWolf71285d ago

Gosh that's a dumb question.

uncharted5685d ago

He was Spanish you ignorant...jks

pinkystinkinc85d ago

they all look the same to me

Foxhound92285d ago

I can't believe your parents let you on the internet without supervision.

joab77786d ago

Only thing I need to know is when it releases lol!

Lynx020785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

It is very easy to check, if you really don't know.

Tross85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

I prefer when pre-orders are handled this way. That way, no one misses out on content, but the incentive is there as a free or early extra for those who do put money down before the game releases. In this case, the incentive looks to be access to the suits from the start as opposed to unlocking them. I'm assuming the extra story missions DLC will also be available to everyone, although it may cost a little money for those who didn't pre-order a deluxe edition.

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