Death's Gambit vs. Salt and Sanctuary: Which Is Better?

Twinfinite writes:

Death's Gambit and Salt and Sanctuary are two of the best Souls-like games available right now. Let's compare both games in separate categories and see which one comes out on top.

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shammgod66d ago

Salt and Sanctuary has much more depth. Death's Gambit is decent, but seems hollow

IamTylerDurden166d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Salt n Sanctuary has more depth in weapons and overall loot. Death's Gambit has more depth in terms of story, art, and music. Both are excellent 2D Souls-likes, but Death's Gambit was rushed to market. There are some technical issues and cut content atm, and for that i'd say right now Salt n Sanctuary is a better game. However, Death's Gambit has more potential and could surpass S&S in the future.

shammgod65d ago

I do love the soundtrack of Deaths Gambit. Good shit!

SilverDemon65d ago

The ost i believe was made by alex roe. Who makes remixes and original tracks of games (mainly souls games)
Check it out on YouTube

Felix_Argyle_Catbro66d ago

I like them both a lot, hard to decide.

IamTylerDurden166d ago

Both awesome games and even though Death's Gambit has some bugs atm it brings some special things to a 2D pixel game.

basilboxer65d ago

Salt and Sanctuary, no question.

Vanfernal65d ago

I was extremely pumped for Death's Gambit. But the clunky controls, convoluted and uncustomizable button layout (including not being able to play with the dpad) , game crashes (there was literally a bug where if you ran to the right in a dreamlike sequence you would get a message that the game couldn't load an object and have the game crash), the ridiculously harsh stamina bar (I put all my points to endurance or haste in order to actually be able to dodge AND attack), they all just left me with a very indifferent feeling towards this game. The artwork and presentation are top notch and you can tell that a lot of effort was put into this game, but to me it just lacks polish. Whereas I started playing Salt and Sanctuary and it just became second nature. I will eventually beat Death's Gambit. But right now after beating 3 bosses I just wasn't invested in it. My nod goes to S&S.


I’ve had that same crash happen to me when your running through the water blue skies sequence then suddenly it crashed every single time. I think they patched that though.

luckytrouble65d ago

Four bosses in, the only bug I've run into is the super speed one based on your monitor (at 144hz my horse was greased lightning at the start until I changed to windowed full screen). Otherwise no problems to be found. One mistake I've seen people make though is assuming you can play this exactly like Salt & Sanctuary from the start. The beginning actually encourages use of the shield, and using it aids heavily in survival until you up your stam and regen speeds. I really wanted to beat the Phoenix but was having issues with the range of her double strike and being able to utilize i-frames while having enough stam left to attack. Using the shield lightly though granted all the flexibility needed though to quickly learn and win.

Four bosses deep, I no longer need to use my shield as much, but really should. It's super useful for blocking the backswing on many attacks, and stam use from getting it really isn't that bad. Probably would have made the Bulwark go faster.

It really just seems like the issue you have with this is that gameplay isn't a copy paste of S&S where it was pretty much a 2D conversion of Dark Souls mechanics.

Vanfernal65d ago

Not really. I didn't go in expecting this game to be S&S at all. But it just felt unintuitive. Some minor details which may seem stupid but have amounted to some deaths in this game are little details like the fact that you can't dodge while blocking. All Souls games it's something you can do. Here you have to let go of the block and THEN roll. So it goes against muscle memory and in the heat of the moment I get squashed by something I actually reacted to accordingly but the game limitation didn't allow it. I get the whole git gud and adapting to a game's individual mechanics. But little things like this are just not necessary. Also I'm playing on PS4 (don't know if it's customizable on Pc) but the controls are all over the place. Square W1, R2 W2, L2 block, L1 climb. Down on the dpad to interact with things... The controls just don't feel right. And in a game where you need to react so quickly it's just unacceptable imo. If you look around that is the single most common complaint about this game.

Nacho_Z65d ago

I haven't played Gambit yet but Salt will take some beating. The level design, platforming, depth of upgrades and general feel to combat is all exceptional. Bags of character too. I like the look of Gambit but I'm not convinced about it.

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