Most Underrated Soulslike Games

Who knew that the unassuming 2008 title Demon’s Souls would wind up innovating an entirely new subgenre of games? Since FromSoftware released Demon’s Souls and the equally influential Dark Souls series, “Soulslike” games have attracted gamers looking for challenging gameplay, deep character building, and worlds steeped in lore. Here are 10 of the most underrated Soulslike games available now.

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lonewolf1094d ago

Just going through DS 2 now, it's really not a bad game.

LoveSpuds94d ago

I thinks it's a fantastic game personally, even the weakest DS game in the series is better than most other action RPGs in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy your playthrough chief 👍

GoodGuy0994d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It was a great game, there is no souls game from fromsoft that was bad. My only complaints were the visuals and bosses were a bit too easy. Other than that it was very fun and probably the only soulsbourne game I played nonstop and beat in just a couple of weeks pre-elden ring (Well, it took me to beat three other soulsborne games which took me years to beat to finally actually get hooked to souls, so I was very hungry for more souls lol).

People didn't like it because of no Miyazaki and the only game I really loved from him was just Bloodborne (Ofc the rest were great games too). Bloodborne is my #1, Ds2 is my #2.

lonewolf1093d ago

Yeah bosses are not exactly hard that I have come across so far. The graphics are a mixed bag, Scholar of the First Sin on PC with no mods.
Admission time even though I own all Souls games day one editions across the formats, Elden Ring was the only one that really clicked with me to a point I had to finish it. Now going back to ones released on PC to finish those or try to. Bloodborne I wish would come to PC but I might fire up my PS 4 again to play it.

Ramboforlife93d ago

It's wonky here and there, but it's still fun to play and a great world to explore.

Jiub94d ago

People gave DS2 way too much hate.

saint_seya94d ago

Im one of the few that loved the game, i think im like like lvl 550 or something like that.

94d ago
Father__Merrin94d ago

If you haven't played Ashen yet it's worth a go very good game

_Decadent_Descent94d ago

Demon's Souls was a 2009 release.

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