7 great RPGS that dared to dump dragons

Looking back at the role-playing experiences that traded dungeons and dragons for something kookier, and probably cooler.

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Spurg154d ago

One game that needs its dragon back is Final fantasy. I hope the next game goes back to the classic style. I don't usually advocate game to go back to its older self but final fantasy should revitalize itself.

Final Fantasy VI-Medieval and steampunk mix
Final Fantasy VII-Futuristic
Final Fantasy VIII-Futuristic
Final Fantasy IX-Medieval
Final Fantasy X-Futuristic
Final Fantasy XI- Medieval
Final Fantasy XII- Medieval
Final Fantasy XIII-Futuristic
Final Fantasy XIV-Medieval
Final Fantasy XV-Futuristic

The next mainline Final fantasy needs to be Medieval or mix with another like Steampunk.

TricksterArrow154d ago

I don't think a game "needs" anything other than being a great game.

Nebaku154d ago

I disagree. FF found its identity with the whole steampunk look around FF6/7. DragonQuest already has the medieval theme down pat, and does it better than FF could ever hope to.

Segata154d ago

There is hundreds that don't have Dragons or castles. Play RPGs without magic as well and just mechs. Far more than 7.

Nebaku154d ago

It's a list of their TOP 7 games that do it. Obviously they aren't insinuating only 7 rpgs in existence don't have dragons.