How Electronic Arts Can Fix Their Broken Reputation Amongst Gamers

It hasn't been the easiest for, EA with the panned Mass Effect Andromeda, Cancelation of Amy Hennig's Star Wars title, the closure of Visceral Games, and the icing on the cake that was Star Wars battlefront 2 loot box drama. It seems as though gamers are just not excited or trusting EA with Battlefield 5's disappointing pre-orders, and the lack of excitement and negative rumors surrounding Anthem. How can Electronic Arts gain back gamers trust? How can EA rebuild their reputation with gamers around the globe. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph talks about what he would do if he ran the show over at EA, what are some steps that can begin the healing process with gamers.

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Skull521891d ago

Make quality games, stay out of politics, don't nickel and dime the customer.

Bimkoblerutso891d ago

The flawed logic here is that people still seem to assume that they WANT to be redeemed. They make too much money being despicable. Why would they ever feel compelled toward good will?

891d ago
jznrpg891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

Sell all of their IPs to a good company and let Bioware out of their cage

T2X891d ago

Considering I've been playing EA games since the early days. I've always enjoyed their games. They (As far I'm concerned), always deliver what I expect. Solid, fun, decent online experiences. I also understand some people just love to hate on things. I also understand that these things are toys and there are a lot of kids playing them. As far as Micro transactions and that stuff, I don't really buy much aside from the map packs if I like the game enough, which is usually the case.But I think people need to act less like whiny, entitled babies who choose video games to make their little societal commentaries. Guess what? These are games.

If you don't like it don't play it. Go play something else that makes you happy. The hate people are spewing sounds even more idiotic when you consider their spewing it at a corporation that has to make lots of money to make more of these "toys" we like to play. When people say "They should close down or go away" That's one opinion. If they didn't exist, you wouldn't have got to enjoy the good stuff they've done. In the end I will support them because I spend a lot of my online playing their games because they're better than most other companies games. They're one of the few old school companies that are still around and like Activision, Who people also love to whine about, they sell millions for a reason. They're fun. Go cry about Monsanto or Exxon and stay the hell out of the companies I like. LOL.

ApocalypseShadow891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

And I thought I was long winded. You must have started gaming around PS1.

EA has ruined developers then shut them down,they have helped destroy their competitors, then bought their licenses like nba jam and nfl blitz, they have monopolized certain areas by buying up licenses where you don't have a choice like nfl 2k, they have purchased developers like criterion to get their game engines like renderware and kill competition like burnout because it was gaining on n4s,or gain an advantage like with dice and the frostbite engine,and they try to gouge gamers with micro transactions. And also are trying to destroy the used game business because they don't profit from it.

Some of us have been around long enough to not trust them. You call some of us entitled. I call them intelligent consumers who know better.

Which is why I don't buy their games for over 10 years. Haven't missed anything when there are other developers who are better and more innovative. And don't ride the fad train and try to jump on after the fact.

Sam Fisher891d ago

Lets not forget they pioneered the 10$ online pass for used games or season passes. Whatever has to do with raping the consumers ea is in it.

T2X890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Nope, gaming since pong. And those injustices your speaking of, are called business. And it's not going away. Having said that, I'm getting too old to care about all of the supposed "Educated and intelligent" Consumer bullshit revolving around a game. And yes, I stand by my opinion regarding entitlement. Your 60$ only goes so far today. That's a tank of gas for us where I live and unless you just started gaming in the last 5 or 10 years, You should by this point know exactly what these games are going to be like. You should know what Micro transactions will entail, you should know about season passes and how multi-million dollar companies milk every dollar they can.

It's business. If you don't like it, I suggest people go create a start up company, create a better business model and hire the necessary staff and fund it all and show the industry how it's done. Oh and also, do all this, while satisfying every fan and never speaking any words which may insult, oh and what else? Oh Yes...Give everyone something new and innovating that also doesn't get old and repetitive, is realistic, but fun, and reflects the real war (Or whatever version people have in mind of said war or military engagement all while depicting women and minorities in a realistic fashion)

And as far as games like BF and COD, these games and companies have been around for over a decade, so their success isn't fad or hype train anymore. Many businesses, combine and fold and get bought out etc, etc in that time frame. People can have different opinion. Enjoy whatever you like. And I'll support the games I enjoy. People aren't forced to buy anything they don't want to.

Smokehouse891d ago

1. Get out of California.
2. Revive great franchises they put on the bench.
3. Stop micromanaging their devs
4. Profit

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