Late Game Review – The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed is the next game to come under the Late Game Review’s microscope. Does Starkiller have what it takes to save the universe? Does his annoying droid serve a point apart from giving players a reason to fight Darth Maul? Is Juno too sassy or just sassy enough? These are the questions that need answering, but they probably won’t be.

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ArchangelMike554d ago

Very late game review. Some games don;t age well, and a late review would lose some objectivity simply because game mechanics have improved sine the game got released. I did really enjoy at the time though, it was much better than the sequel at least.

SpamnJam554d ago

someone clearly didn't watch the review....

Rimeskeem554d ago

I dont think he was questioning the review, simply stating something.

SegaGamer554d ago

The closest game we had to another Jedi Knight game, it just lacked something the Jedi Knight games had.

PhantomS42554d ago

I absolutely loved Jedi Academy. The idea of making my own Jedi blew my mind and the online was pretty great (at least at the time) with how big of a cliffhanger it ended with I was pretty upset when they never followed up on it.

SegaGamer553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Jedi Academy is still my favourite Star Wars game. The Star Wars games back then really captured the Star Wars universe for me. The story of Jedi Academy could easily have been canon, it fit in so easily.