Stick Skills: SOCOM Confrontation Review

Has Slant Six delivered a hit with the long anticipated SOCOM Confrontation? Or have they created a huge mess?

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Killjoy30003648d ago

These are the scores Sony and Slant Six would get, but they f*cked that up. I'm kinda mad at them.

mariusmal3648d ago

i'm mad because they [email protected] all over an hardcore and very supportive community.

Killjoy30003648d ago

Indeed. I'm part of that community.

mariusmal3648d ago

you and me. i remember when i bought socom2... great times.

Killjoy30003648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Socom II is easily he best online game I've ever played. Those maps were the best. And the guns were more balanced than most games out there.

mariusmal3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

desert glory ftw :D and yeah the guns were more balanced than most games nowadays

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PoSTedUP3648d ago

after the patch comes out it should get re-reviewed because right now (as one of the most hardcore socom fans) i give it a 6.5/10, but, it has potential to be a 9.8/10 to a true socom fan. and thats all their is to say.... lets hope for the best.

TheExecutive3648d ago

yeah i would give it around an 8 right now. Just too much fun but it needs a lot of work.

PirateThom3648d ago

I'm guessing they'll patch and fix the server issues by the time it reaches Europe, so the reviews will be kinder.

However, a game should be reviewed as is when it reaches the consumer and if a patch isn't available at time of review, then the score should stand.

PoSTedUP3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

but then the score would be misleading for the later consumer.

thats why i said that should re-review it but i doubt any one will.

mariusmal3648d ago

hey Pirate

i agree with you. i think a review is for the launched product, and not for a TO BE product.

mariusmal3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

im a big socom franchise fan. played socom 2&3 till my eyes bleed :D

but after reading some reviews and some post's at forums i'm at the fence trying to decide. since i'm from europe i'll just wait for it's release here and read some local reviews, since the game is gonna patched in the near future.

but i still think the devs screwed this, it's a good franchise with a die-hard community. i understand that competition is high and everyo wants to launch before christmas and on a perfect date but this should have seen the light of day in this state of unfinished product

Tidus113648d ago

really the games isn't as bad the reviewers are saying.... i played this game form 5:00 to Now and had no trouble at all (knock on wood) the gameplay is addicting

snoopgg3648d ago

I haven't had too many problems and am a first time socom player and love this game. My 360 is catching some dust right now because of this game. With a patch it can only get better, but as it stands it is one of the best team shooters on any console out right now. Kudos and bring out some new maps soon, I'll buy them!!!!!