Should Guerrilla Games Reboot The Killzone Series?

The last Killzone game was released back in 2013 as a launch title for the PS4. Since then developer Guerrilla Games has gone on to develop their most acclaimed title in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn. However, now that Guerrilla Games has expanded their studio in an effort to cultivate their portfolio of games with earlier launch windows, it now seems like a good time for the studio the re-visit their famed shooter series.

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Araragifeels 152d ago

No reboot just make Killzone Shadowfall as a spin off and continue the story from Killzone 3.

Shadowolf152d ago


For many fans of the series, that woud certianly work in favor of their previous experiences, however there could also be too much of a disconnect for newcomers to the series. Remember, Killzone Shadowfall launched with the PS4 back in 2013. If Shadowfall is the spinoff and you're continuing the story from Killzone 3, which launched in 2011, by time the next game launches we could be looking at a full decade or longer before KZ4. If this was the approach taken then I would hope Guerrilla Games launches an impressive Shadow of the Colossus-like remaster of Killzone 3 alongside what would then technically be KIllzone 4. I could certainly go for this. Yet, to be on the safe side a proper reboot would in my opinion do wonders for the series.

Araragifeels 152d ago

If they do a reboot then they must bring something new to the table that was never done with a fps since COD and Battlefield already tired out the fps formula to death. I want to see a huge change like from Wolfenstein 2009 to Wolfenstein 2014.

b163o1152d ago

Agreed, I'd like to see KZ4 with a KZ3 remaster included in a early pre order type deal. KZ4 should be a PS5 game so it's not rushed, cause I honestly felt like SF was, it was basically put out there as PS4's first exclusive...

darthv72152d ago

No reboot needed. The games are still quite relevant as they are. I think what you are referring to is a way to bring new comers to the series by way of compilation. They have the KZ trilogy and that could be re-released for the PS5 before the release of KZ4. That way people can jump in and get the first 3 out of the way and choose to play shadowfall if they want but not required like how odst is an option and not required to play and understand the master chief story.

Like how uncharted trilogy is on ps4 and then there is uncharted 4. Like how halo MC collection on xb1 and how there is halo 5. You dont have to reboot everything in order to bring people up to speed. Just offer them the previous games in a nice compilation before hand. Sony can just as easily allow the kz trilogy on the ps4 if there is going to be a kz4 otherwise they can hold off and release it on the ps5 if kz4 is coming to the ps5.

bouzebbal152d ago

just want KZ4 and go away from the futuristic crap..
KZ2 is one of my best games ever. i wish they pull something of that quality again.
KZ3 was also amazing (especially with move/sharpshooter and 3D).
Graphical marvel.

xXxSeTTriPxXx151d ago

I say reboot it.GG has upped their story telling, character development and game design game up by a huge margin with horizon.

zarbor151d ago

This series needs a complete reboot. Personally, I think this series need an overhaul in story, enemies, characters, etc. so at this point they may want to move on to a new game. Give the series to another developer see if they can do something fresh with it.

Skull521151d ago

I can see the future

Killzone 5, the “Halo Killer”

Turns out do be nowhere near as good as Halo, yet again

Killzone disappears for a decade

So no, let them experiment until they can finally make a quality game.

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showtimefolks152d ago

A soft reboot to start fresh and don't chase COD crowd be unique be like killzone 2

LA_Zeo152d ago

Shadowfall was good to a degree but beyond that after what this generation offered it would need to lead the pax not be part of.

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-Foxtrot152d ago

Yeah. It's for the best.

They tried to continue the series after Killzone 3 with Shadowfall and it just didn't do anything for me. I felt when you get endings such as the one saw in Killzone 3 you close it off in a way where another one to provoke another war just feels forced, same happened with Gears of War 4 in my opinion.

They are better off waiting until the PS5 and rebooting it. They can still use the same lore, characters (if they want) and rich backstory but do it in a way where instead of building all this lore outside of the games or hidden behind in game logs/files they do it within the story. Craft a game where we see the fight start out near the start, like the first Helghast assault or something.

Like I've said what I'd like to see them do is rework the story so you see the Helghast attack Vekta or even Earth first, you play as an everyday man in a typical American "white picket fence" looking suburban town, maybe with a family or just a wife who has to survive the first Helghast assault on their peaceful community. He could be an ex soldier or police man who uses his now rusty skills to fight back but if they give it a Horizon Zero Dawn touch and make it open world like with RPG elements then you can upgrade his abilities so it looks like he's slowly learning and getting better surviving during the story. Obviously it can still be first person, don't want to change it too much

They need to move away from the generic bald/shaven head marine soldier in a squad fighting off aliens in a onslaught shooting level. Spice it up abit or it's just going to feel samey. Keep the core roots in tact but don't change it too much where it's not Killzone anymore. It's hard I know but Sony Santa Monica pulled it off with God of War with it's change. Do a God of War not a Tomb Raider.

Shadowolf152d ago


I believe you are spot on! While I believe it was a mitake to end Killzone 3 the way they did, anything supporting a full on sequel as Killzone 4 could feel forced, if not given a proper measure of newness from a unique perspective, which has never seen before in the series. It should feel like Killzone in FP, however the same old linear experiences with as you stated, 'generic bald/shaven head marine soldier in a squad fighting off aliens in a onslaught shooting level' need to be reassessed. Im all for a kick-butt soldier as the lead protagonist, however the character needs an emotional and relatable compass. I believe Aloy was a shining example of that. She was both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. A Killzone game with all the bells and whistle of what makes Killzone what it is, within an RPG/Action universe could be magical.

-Foxtrot152d ago

I agree, Aloy was bad ass but because of her circumstances being trained by a well known hunter in the tribe and being brought up that way since birth practically you understand how she can do the things she does. It's not "Oh she's badass because she was in the army and can do all these things", the story even shows her "intellectual" side being (SPOILERS) a clone of Sobeck who was regarded as a highly respectable scientist.

If they did something for Killzone like what I've suggested, or some form of it where they are an ex cop or did train a little before quitting early on for "love" then you could see his progression through the story and through the RPG elements, upgrading him. I mean I'd love to see a game where at the start your aim is terrible, the recoil hits you too hard but over time through the story you slowly improve to the point you can feel it when playing. Now do you do everything you can at the start of the game with a character who will most likely get his arse kicked, making the game even more difficult BUT resulting in awesome loot to make the beginning story missions a walk in the park OR do you just do the story keeping the side missions, along with the exploring, until later on in the game. Hmm. Choices.

Personally with Killzone I think they could give it a small Far Cry theme but in a way where it's still Killzone but they make it feel like what Ubisoft should have given us with Far Cry 4 or 5...something which should have actually felt like what you'd expect from a sequel not "Oh it feels like Far Cry 3.75". Only thing I'd like third person is when the character gets into vehicles like cars so it's not "Killzone: Far Cry"

Like I said...I hate when games change to a shadow of their former self but games can keep their core roots like God of War while being a breath of fresh air.

Shiken152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I personally would rather see a return of Resistance when it comes to Sony FPS games (not GG, but you get my point). I loved Killzone but I do not know how a new one would fare. If they did bring back Killzone however, I would put the Mercenaries team on it and have it follow that route. They really knew how to handle the IP.

As for GG main team, keep them focused on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or a similar new IP. I feel like this is where they should be putting most of their focus at.

Shadowolf152d ago


That is completely understandable, however now that Guerrilla Games has seasoned in-house writers and a seemingly great handle on the RPG genre, with their high level of FPS expertise, I'm sure they could now developer an incredible Killzone experience.

-Foxtrot152d ago

I'd like Resistance to come back aswell but again it needs to be a reboot as Resistance 3 did the same thing as Killzone 3...they wrapped up the trilogy, closing it peacefully. I've always said I'd like a reboot-remake of Fall of Man then they can do an alternative timeline with Fall of Man II.

Sony needs to make these FPS games old school and not like the generic crap you have today, it's why Doom and Wolfenstein have done so well as they give us that skill based old school feel.

Shiken152d ago


I agree, they need to reboot it like you said. While I enjoyed 3 more than 2 (loved it in fact), I hate how they killed off Hale. Despite 3 being a dar superior game, I felt a disconnect from the protagonist and unless we can bring Hale back somehow, I feel that same disconnect will be there if they just try to do a sequel.

darthv72152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

To me SF is like how ODST fits into Halo and isnt really required to play in order to progress the story because it isnt exactly part of the story (the MC story). It takes place in parallel but is it's own thing.

SF is very much its own thing but they ended 3 kind of weird and it still feels like there is room for a proper 4th even if the 4th would be made to really close all the loose ends (so to speak)

kneon151d ago

How about telling the story from the side of the Helghast? If you dig in to the lore they aren't quite the bad guys as it's made to appear.

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ArchangelMike152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

GG should first do a Remaster Bundle of the first 3, and then work on rebooting the franchise for the PS5. That's the best way to go imho.

Shadowolf152d ago


In fact, if Sony/Guerrilla Games actually remastered Killzone 2 and 3 on PS4 1080p/60fps, PS4 Pro 4K/60fps as a remastered bundle, I'm sure that bundle would sell millions. Especially if announced alongside an upcoming Killzone 4 or Reboot. Fingers crossed, my friend!

jznrpg152d ago

I don’t know if they need total reboot but at least a continuation, yes. Plenty of people want it , it doesn’t even have to be Guerilla developing it, Sony has plenty of studios that could handle it

Shadowolf152d ago


You bring up a great point concerning the development duties of the next Killzone. As we know, Guerrilla Cambridge before they were shut down created arguably the best handheld shooter experience on the PS Vita with Killzone Mercenary, which was a fantastic campaign and its multiplayer component was equally amazing!