Games as a Service – it's coming, ready or not

AllGamers takes a look at the inevitability of game-streaming services, with both the good and bad that entails.

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Shiken657d ago

Well I will fight it as long as I can. As a collector of sorts, an all digital future is a nightmare. In this scenario, I would only play new games if they were absolute MUST PLAY games.

Other than that I would focus on expanding my retro library. Plenty of other games from the past that could be played and enjoyed for the first time.

The only time digital is even a consideration for me now is if it is a 75% off sale or on the Switch, as it is very convenient for portable play. Even then however, there are some games that I will pay the extra time and effort for a physical copy.

The_Sage657d ago

Please, don't ruin my hobby. Jerks. I'll stop buying.

Tross657d ago

And I reserve the right to not sign up for any of those services.