Death's Gambit : The Screen Rant Review

The new action-RPG Death’s Gambit is an ambitious, initially attractive 2D souls-alike, but it frequently stumbles where it should soar.

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4blender89d ago

i think this true score, i played first 5 hours, not worth second run, uninstall. now wait bloodstained rituel of the night

Elda89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I bought this & Dead Cells,played about an hour of Death's Gambit & it's ok but I'll think before I sink hours into the game I'll wait for updates for the game. Dead Cells is a winner!! DC is so fun,sometimes frustrating but so addicting.

LgbtWarrior89d ago

This game was in development hell for awhile. Never trust that pattern.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro88d ago

Have you actually played this game?

LgbtWarrior88d ago

Nope and won’t. They offered a pre order bonus psn with no reviews until after launch. That’s Shady. Read reviews where the game is very buggy. Plus the developers went dark for years. I hope it gets patched and all but come on. Bad business.

pyroxxx89d ago

Well I think it is excellent,.. Dead cells is way different game and I love that also,.. but this is very well made 4/5 for me it is just slower paced and I love it for that,.. because I love grinding and stuff like that (and progression actually stays on your character ,.. and you can feel it,..(only ran with soldier) also characters are pretty well done,.. Bosses are awesome (some of the best designed encounters in a 2D action RPG) ,.. way better than in Salt & Sanctuary,... I like the art a lot,.. Right now I am playing dead cells,.. grinding/dying,.. I kinda like progression in Death's gambit better

Sarah_Ch89d ago

No way this game is 2 out of 5 reached the 4th boss and I'm enjoying it so far.

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