We Happy Few Dev Talks Corrupt Saves, Frame-Rate And Rendering Issues

New We Happy Few update should fix frame-rate drops, rendering issues and corrupt saves. Compulsion Games explains why they are happening.

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SpineSaw66d ago

Ohhhh big surprise. I bet no one seen this coming. A Microsoft Studios game that's broken on release. Well, let's hope for those that purchased the game they can make it at least playable. Makes one wonder why Microsoft is so harsh on CrackDown 3 and won't release it. While in the last 6 months Microsoft Studios has released a completely unfinished Sea of Thieves game that was filled with hackers and cheaters and then they followed that release with a completely broken State of Decay 2 and now a We Happy Few release where no one is happy with this broken game. Microsoft, just release CD3 it'll be a broken mess and none of the promises will be kept but we expect this from's clearly what you do so release it.

WitcheRivia66d ago

Has nothing to do with Microsoft Studios and everything to do with Gearbox (the ones that decided to publish the game & even increase the price of the game).

lxeasy66d ago

@spinesaw you have no idea what you are talking about. Microsoft did not publish this game it was gearbox. also the game is not exclusive to xbox you can buy it on your ps4.

SpineSaw66d ago

Compulsion Games made "We Happy Few" and Microsoft owns Compulsion Games so Microsoft has everything to do with the state of We Happy Few. And it not being exclusive to Xbox has nothing at all to with the current state of this game.

melons66d ago

Compulsion were bought TWO MONTHS ago by Microsoft. WHF has been in development for years. The acquisition by MS has not changed WHF in the slightest as they are not involved at all. How could it be if it's released on PS4?

King_Noctis66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

But the game was made way long before MS acquired the studio. Also the game is not published by MS as well. I see no reason to bash MS here.

UKRsoldierPRO66d ago

Did MS not JUST buy them?? Ugh. Troll.

SpineSaw66d ago

First what does this game being released on the PS4 or on any other platform have to do with this game being broken? IDK I guess your saying its Sony's fault? Microsoft owns Compulsion Games and just because they just recently purchased Compulsion Games (2 to 3 months ago) does not excuse them for releasing a game that is broken. That would be saying one of their first party studios is releasing a game and Microsoft knows nothing about the game at all.....if true this would be beyond sad for hells sake Microsoft owns the IP. But maybe your right Sea of Thieves which is also a IP that they own was unfinished mess when it was released and then State of Decay also a IP owned by Microsoft was broken when released and then the Microsoft Flag ship IP Halo MCC was a total broken mess when released. I guess as a Xbox owner you're just expected roll over and except anything they want to release and pay whatever they ask and be happy for it. No wonder they have such a hard time selling the Xbox One. They've released 3 consoles called Xbox One and how many OG Xbox owners purchased the 2nd and 3rd version...all of them? No wonder with empty multi-player game lobbies they're begging Sony to allow cross-play. How anti-consumer can it get than to release one broken, unfinished game after another? Wow! You fanboys keep making excuses.

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THC CELL66d ago

They knew they was gunna flop and ran to ms to be sold

gangsta_red66d ago

Wow, all this time, effort and waiting and the game was broken on release.

What were they doing for all that time before release?

ziggurcat66d ago

basically it's because they're sort of bad at their jobs?

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