Piper Jaffray Analysts Believe Battlefield V & EA May Be Earthenware Pots in Crowded Holiday Season

An analysis by Piper Jaffray concludes that Battlefield V and Electronic Arts may be the earthenware pots in this crowded Holiday season.

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ccgr68d ago

So many games so little time....

KaiPow68d ago

We're going to need a 13th calendar month just to keep up!

Alexious68d ago

Basically, yes. The weakest of the bunch.

Lynx020768d ago

RDR2, AC:OD, Spyro, Tomb Raider, Spider-Man. I liked Battlefield 1, it was fun, but I cannot imagine I would have time for Battlefield 5. Too much great games with interesting (I guess) stories to loss time for BF.

RavenWolfx68d ago

Earthenware pots? My mind immediately goes to Zelda. So, BV has an easily accessible exterior full of rupees or hearts?