Top Five Metal Gear Solid Boss Fights

With the recent Retro Rumble Podcast Episode 2, it got us thinking about the best of the best bosses that Metal Gear Solid has to offer.

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roadkillers160d ago

Meh, I didn't read the list. People say it was a great boss fight because of the whole controller removal thing. I didn't know about the controller removal until years later.

My fav is The End, amazing 1v1 battle

BlackTar187160d ago

so you beat him without removing the controller?

Why o why160d ago

'so you beat him without removing the controller'

I did too. It took me over an hour, maybe longer, chipping away like an idiot. To be fair to myself, the first copy I played was the Japanese import so I couldn't understand shit. When I played the English version I was like wtf. Gamesfax wasn't a thing back then

roadkillers160d ago

Yeah, i appreciate that Kojima Productions added all of these cool features. One awesome idea was how Kojima included old bosses in MGS4 including Mantis. Including odes to the past <3

jbull160d ago

Remake MGS 3 please! The End boss fight is worth it alone.

nucky64160d ago

agreed. the jungle and sound effects would be SO good with the newer consoles.

chrisx160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

epic fight. I remember doing the date thing too and meeting him dead during the fight, and also killing him in the beginning of the game.

Imalwaysright160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

The sheer amount of detail in the game is one of the main reasons why I consider it the best game of all time. You could do 10 playthroughs and be surprised and discover something new in each one of them.

stefan_771160d ago

The first two Metal Gears need remakes over anything else

nucky64160d ago

"the end" is #1. the rest are fighting for second place.

generic-user-name160d ago

MGS is my favourite gaming franchise hands down, it would be very difficult to pick a top 5 for me but Psycho Mantis is too iconic not to be somewhere on it, The Boss in MGS3 was also very memorable, Rex of course and then Liquid on top of Rex and then in 4 Liquid Ocelot...of course Rex vs Ray was also amazing and how about The Sorrow? Then there's the epic 1 on 1 with The End.

Yeah, impossible to pick a top 5 for me I think.

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