CrispyGamer: Socom Confrontation Review

CrispyGamer writes: "Remember the dot-com bubble? When every man, woman and child was investing in the future of this crazy series of tubes Al Gore dubbed the Internet? That's the era of PC gaming that Sony's SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation seems to have come from. In those halcyon days of computing, it seemed like every PC game was unfinished -- arriving with a little note regarding missing features or hungrily downloading a giant patch on day one to get you to the start screen. It made people hate PC gaming so much that many turned to consoles. Enter PlayStation 3 and this iteration of SOCOM: a game so perfectly broken and lacking in content that it might just send PS3 gamers happily scurrying back to their PCs".

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chaosatom3702d ago

come scurrying back to their Ps3 to play Little Big Planet and Resistance 2.

DELTABOY043702d ago

so harsh on this game...really once the servers were up and working i started to enjoy the game for what it is. The online when working is addictive and makes you use team work as a key element to winning not run and gun. The reviewer are grading it on its server problems not the game play itself. I think after they patch everything in they should re review not to discourage any one who is willing to get it a later date.

TheExecutive3702d ago

played for 3 hours this afternoon, I had a blast. I really wish they would have finished the product before shipping it. However, it is only going to get better from here.

My only gripe with the gameplay is the f*cking scope glitch when you are prone. Completely inaccurate.