This forgotten video game helped pave the way for Madden NFL

Before there was Madden, there was Gridiron! — short on frills but flaunting the technical might that helped revolutionize sports video games.

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badboyz09155d ago

End EA's NFL License!!!!!!! We need Competition!

strayanalog155d ago

I don't see it happening any time soon, but absolutely. I would enjoy seeing more sports titles from other developers.

Goldenarmz155d ago

Anyone remember the Commodore 64 Football game where it was only words? My bros played it all the time, but i could never figure out what to do!

Fist4achin155d ago

Is that game on the little commodore 64 version thats coming out?

Goldenarmz155d ago

Doesnt look like it, i owned a 64 and none of the games on the list are ones i had. Course i didnt have many, but the ones i do remember, Fred, Barbarian, Krackout, Atomic Handball, etc arent on the list of games.