Why Doom Eternal Isn't Called Doom 2

Id Software says Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight influenced the sequel’s name.

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Sciurus_vulgaris69d ago

According to the Doom Slayer article on doom.wikia the current timeline is Doom, Doom 2/Final, Doom 64, Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.

CorndogBurglar69d ago

But I thought Doom 2016 was a reboot. How can it be in the same timeline as the older games? Are we to believe that they are making all the same mistakes after they already accidentally unleashed demons on the world?

FinalFantasyFanatic69d ago

... Because people can be pretty stupid? The 2016 version has alot of nods and collectibles that state events from those games, maybe you didn't read the flavor text during the game (I don't blame you because the gameplay is pretty fun and fast-paced).

Sciurus_vulgaris69d ago

There are references to the events of the older games in Doom (2016). Also Quake Champions confirmed that the Doom Slayer is the original Doom Guy and a descendent of B.J Blazkowicz . The IDuniverse has multiple timelines and includes Doom,Wolfenstein and Quake.

warriorcase68d ago


I loved the Soul cube in Doom (2016) found in the artifact storage room and the Icon of sin in the late game.

-Foxtrot69d ago

So why not just call it Doom 2: Eternal

Hell they could have related it to the original sequels name, Hell on Earth by calling it something like Hell Roams Earth or Demons on Earth while using the retro poster but updated like they did for Doom 2016

MWH69d ago

Even on Quake Con stage they called it Hell on Earth 🤷🏻‍♂️

FinalFantasyFanatic69d ago

It really wasn't obvious to me it was a sequel, I thought it was a addon or DLC, I had to ask around to find out when they first announced it.

Michiel198969d ago

then you didnt watch or read about the announcement. It was very clear it was a sequel. If you only read a title of an arcticle that says Doom Eternal 'insert random title' then u might think that. If you go further than the title or watch Quakecon u wont think that.

haydenlake69d ago

It should be called Doom 5.

FallenAngel198469d ago

Cuz there’s already a game called Doom II

NecrumOddBoy69d ago

There's also a game called Doom

BongSmack67d ago

True statement. However moot. The article explains why the name Doom made sense for the 2016 game and why doom 2 didn't work.

FallenAngel198469d ago

Yeah recycled titles of the first game is common, but you don’t wanna recycle the titles of the sequels

Segata69d ago

EA didn't get that memo with Battlefield and Battlefront.

FinalFantasyFanatic69d ago

Why can't they just use a subtitle afterwards like Doom 2: Hell on Earth or Doom 2: Eternal.

aconnellan69d ago

You’re right, but if they were to call it Doom 2, and you start seeing articles pop up for ‘Doom 2 review’ or people saying “wow Doom 2 is great!”, is there really going to be that much confusion as to which ‘Doom 2’ they’re talking about?

How many people will really think “oh they must be talking about the 1994 Doom 2”?

69d ago
AK9169d ago

It was simply the developers choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.