The Differences Between Uncharted And Tomb Raider, According To Lara Croft Dev

Eidos Montreal tells Gamespot what it thinks the main differences are between the Tomb Raider series and its rival, Uncharted.

"The tone is a little different--they're more grounded with their mythology, and we're more magical," Jason Dozois, Shadow's narrative director, told GameSpot. "They're more humor-oriented and we're a bit more drama-oriented. I think we have a uniqueness on the exploration side."

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ArchangelMike93d ago

For me the difference is in the writing, as evidenced in the depth and believability of the characters, especially the supporting cast. Then there's the over all production values and attention to detail; in each subsequent game there has been significant gameplay iteration and innovation.

Tomb Raid has come a long long way, and I loved Rise of the Tomb Raider (I actually bought two copies so that me and my mate could play the co-op - I loved it that much). However I think Uncharted stands in a league of it own, especially with Uncharted 2 and 4 setting Gold standards.

Spurg93d ago

I completely agree with you but when it comes to gameplay Tomb Raider is more adventurous than Uncharted. Uncharted has worked with the same formula with slight changes here and there.Tomb raiders gunplay, platforming and exploration makes the gameplay better than Uncharted.

SCW198293d ago

Tomb raiders gunplay is terrible, the only good weapon in the entire game is the bow.

DrumBeat93d ago

Agreed. Tomb Raider's supporting characters aren't compelling at all, and Uncharted's visuals are a clear step above that of Tomb Raider's.

Jonah is just goddamn annoying. Something big needs to happen with him. Like death. If not death, maybe get romantically involved with Lara and end the story. He's been a frustrating throwaway since Rise, so I hope something significant happens with him here.

carcarias93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Heh, the subjectivity of games never ceases to surprise. So many people here talking as if certain aspects of one game being better than another are objective fact. I remember being blown away by Shadow of the Colossus and excitedly lending it to a friend, who largely loved the same kind of games I did, only to have him return it to me saying it was weird and boring. Was he wrong? Of course not, if he found it boring then that was his experience of it. End of story.

When it comes to these two giant franchises, my experience has been as follows.

- I prefer Uncharted's characters; better scripts, more lovable, more humorous, more believable.

- I thought Uncharted's production values and environments just about pip Tomb Raiders at the post but only because of Uncharted 2&3. It's really close. I preferred the last two Tomb Raiders in these aspects to the other two Uncharted games though.

- I had a great sense of exploration in the Uncharted games but I do love the slight Metroid-like feel of Tomb Raider. I'm tempted to say it's a draw but I'm gonna give it to Uncharted by a hair's breadth.

- I enjoy Tomb Raider's combat more, namely with regard to stealth, stealth take downs and violent melee finishers. Gunplay is a draw.

- I very much enjoy the skill trees of Tomb Raider and how I can accentuate certain aspects of the gameplay based on my preferences. I also enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes from becoming more powerful, knowing that my thorough exploration of all areas, as well as all that XP from stealth kills and headshots, led me to these rewards as soon as possible. I didn't give a rat's arse about collecting stuff in Uncharted. Obviously Uncharted doesn't have skill trees so it's a win for TR in this area because that's my bag baby ;)

- I give the edge to TR in terms of amusing puzzles too since they have lots of little puzzles of a great variety throughout the environment and also quite a few actual Tombs, which are larger and more intensive. Don't get me wrong, I liked Uncharted's big set piece puzzles, they were very grand, but they are few and far between compared to TR.

- I prefer TR's all out embracing of the mystical. Yeah, it's the Indiana Jones kid in me.

So, the bottom line is that I enjoy these two franchises very much but, since I always prioritise gameplay mechanics, I have to give the edge to TR but that's like saying I slightly prefer Sapphire to Ruby. No, the gemstones not the Pokemon :)

In the end, I feel I'm just a lucky gamer to have both of these titles in my life.

ForeverTheGoat93d ago

Ehhh story wise uncharted beats tomb raider but gameplay tomb raider is better. I wouldn’t say it stands in a league of its own like you do

rainslacker93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

For me, the set pieces aren't as clever in TR.

Story I agree with you. UC always has good stories, and the only time they're said to not be good, is in comparison to UC2.

TR seems more formulistic, despite UC actually playing out more like a serial type narrative.

UC, you actually care about the characters, because they all have their motivations clear, they're likable, and they all have their own personalities which fit well into the story. TR, they just have these random people who are helping Lara who we're supposed to care about because apparently Lara does, but her motivations are pretty trivial, and she acts like a wide eyed kindergartner every time she discovers something which apparently she should be pretty used to. Also, Lara really has no character development which doesn't feel forced.

ROTTR I did feel had better level design for the open world. It was open, but not boring, and it felt more natural moving from one story part or quest to another because of the way it was all laid out. UC4 had open areas, but they were still linear to the next section. Other UC games didn't try to be as open, so I won't compare them.

Game play wise, I find them both really good, so I can't say one is better than the other. But I did feel that the climbing aspects in ROTTR felt rather sluggish compared to UC, which was usually pretty fun....although they did too much of it for too long of a stretch in UC4.

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Automatic7993d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I love both games in there own right. I would say the narrative driven rxperiences/stories are worlds apart, the TombRaiding and exploration are what set TombRaider apart, Uncharted has a charming/light hearted/gritty approach to action and exploration. The climbing mechanics are completely different but similar on both games. The biggest difference for me is in the weapons and leveling up system for TombRaider its leagues ahead of Uncharted. Uncharted has yet to touch Crossbows and the guns become repetitive as opposed to how you can improve them on TombRaider. I am happy there is two great action/adventure games.

Skankinruby93d ago

I hated the leveling up system in tomb raider, this is not the kind of game you tack rpg elements onto. It was tedious and annoying.

LucasRuinedChildhood93d ago

I appreciate the new Tomb Raider games but mechanically, Uncharted far surpasses Tomb Raider. The shooting, climbing, cover system, etc are just far better. You're given finer control over Nathan than Lara. These aspects of Rise Of The Tomb Raider are inferior to Uncharted 2, let alone Uncharted 4. There's a reason that the multiplayer in the first Tomb Raider reboot didn't work out. The gameplay is fun but it's less responsive and not good enough to smoothly translate to MP. Uncharted's gameplay, on the hand, was well suited to mp. Random RPG systems don't automatically mean that a game has better gameplay.

I despise these situations where if a game has a incredible story or it's a tad more linear, then it's gameplay gets downplayed or disqualified. I've already seen people do it with RDR2 (minus the linearity).

ForeverTheGoat93d ago

Nah. I mean if you played any third person shooter, You’ve played uncharted. Gameplay wise tomb raider is better because at least you’re given more options on how to handle things. You say the RPG system don’t mean anything but it keeps tomb raider gameplay from getting kinda stale like uncharted does after some hours.

AspiringProGenji93d ago

Drake is already a professional. He doesn’t need Leveling system. You could use crossbows in U2 and were really OP as well

DrumBeat93d ago

Tomb Raider is a little less linear, and a bulk of the game revolves around hunting and scrounging, which you get absorbed in. This gives you more to do, so I can see how some people prefer Tomb Raider's exploratory gameplay. I'll still take Uncharted over Tomb Raider any day of the week, though.

rainslacker93d ago

While the leveling system in Rise was OK, although didn't make sense considering you can make better weapons through random crap found around the world(something I felt in TLOU also), it actually broke the game if you leveled up enough. You could put silencers on all your weapons, and the bow was already a silent killer. This made the game exceptionally easy, even on the Survivor mode. For the most part, stealth was too easy in Rise, and too much space was given to stealth through any situation. Some areas of UC4 were like this, but getting through any area completely stealthed was rare on some of the harder parts.

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Jls193d ago

uncharted= easy, tomb raider =more challenging. I almost missed the plat just because of this stage alone.

LucasRuinedChildhood93d ago

Rise Of The Tomb Raider on the hardest difficulty was piss easy (minus the version of the highest difficulty with no checkpoints), especially since you can abuse the healing system if you get into any trouble. All of the Uncharted games' basic hard mode provided a much greater challenge. I liked Rise Of The Tomb Raider btw but it was easy.

Jls193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Im not talking about the story of rise of the tomb raider. Im talking about getting gold on score attack on all levels.
In uncharted 4 you can cheat use infinite ammo, with the barok, and use auto aim on crushing mode. The only Uncharted that was challenging was the first one and it got easier from then on.

AspiringProGenji93d ago

The Don’t use the cheats. How about that?

Jls193d ago

how about learn to spell lol.

Snookies1293d ago

@Jls1 - You're talking about spelling errors when you lack any capitalization? Oh the irony...

rainslacker93d ago

More challenging? I can't agree. Particularly if you level up your weapons. The leveling system actually broke the game IMO. I got gold on score attack on all levels in about two days. It wasn't particularly difficult when you use the card modifiers. A couple levels were harder, but if you were careful enough, you could cheese your way through most of them. one or two challenging levels does not a more challenging game make. UC4 on the hardest setting, had areas where you simply couldn't cheese your way through, stealth was impossible for the whole stage, and resource management was a must. Not once on my survivor playthrough of ROTTR did I feel that challenged, and I usually don't care to play the hardest mode just for a trohphy because I find it annoying more often than not.

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Moe-Gunz93d ago

Uncharted I cared about not only the main character but the supporting cast too. Tomb Raider I can't even name them.

InKnight7s92d ago

Lara origins and mmmm... waiting for Lara with two pistols.

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