2018 - The beginning of Steam's end as a leader on the PC platform

The platform, which is overwhelmed by "trash" titles (in 2017 Steam released more than 7,600 games ), is no longer attracted to major publishers, and since the last year we have been watching an interesting trend. Games of big publishers are leaving Steam. After EA, big titles from Activision and Bethesda will be released on their own platform and we can roughly calculate, how much Steam loses. Discord, with larger audience than Steam, is launching their own store too.

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SegaGamer93d ago

I hate all of these companies releasing their games through their own service, it's too much bloatware on my PC, and nobody wants that. Imagine if all publishers did this, it would be horrible. You would need to install a load of crap on your pc and load up that crap just to play a game or two.

If anything, it just makes me avoid their games. If i can't get them on Steam, then i tend not to bother at all. I just don't want all of this rubbish installed on my pc.

life2893d ago

That is quite old thinking as most of new services are faster, easier to use, have less resources consumption and are not plagued by updates as Steam. Basically all you do is double click on game icon and play, no need to run launcher separately as you may think.

Skull52193d ago

Steam has been an un-innovating platform for years and years, they should be happy to have had the PC monopoly for so long, it's time to welcome competition to the market, it'll be best for gamers.

Aaroncls792d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Skull521: "Steam has been an un-innovating platform for years and years .."

Completely false and not a even remotely close to the truth.
Steam has a en entire Client based on controller browse 'n play, "Big Picture", which supports PlayStation, Nintendo and Ms controllers. Even with custom keybinds and profiles, which you can upload and download.

They came out with Steam Link to connect your PC to any display on your house. They released the Steam controller, with trackpads instead of joysticks to compliment this device for mouse type users.

Steam has also being a primary player in Virtual Reality since the very beginning, sharing and collaborating with other companies to ensure its development and success.

The only real criticism that gets thrown their way is that haven't made more games, and that is directed to Valve, not exactly Steam.

Seems obvious that you are largely ignorant to the ins-and-outs of the PC and Steam as a user or anything else.

agent453292d ago

The problem is lack of competition and of falling prices. Pay $60.00 as opposed to $40.00 or $30.00. Bethesda would dictate the prices not the consumer.

Sircolby4592d ago

@Aaroncls7 The problem is all of those "innovations" you just listed off...nobody cares. *shrug* Sorry...It is such a niche market that cares about any of that at all. Steam Link? I large resounding meh for that. Nvidia Shield TV is mountains better than that underwhelming device. Big Picture...Does anyone actually use this? A primary player in virtual reality? That is still a VERY small market and is likely years away from any kind of adoption if it gets adopted at all.

Steam has already been tossed to the side and basically relegated to an indie dev platform. The AAA companies have pretty much completely abandoned them.

Skull52192d ago

I gave it all a try, I have steam link, steam controller, big picture mode. It's all garbage and sits in a box somewhere in my closet. I'll give them credit for trying but it's all a massive failure.

andibandit91d ago

Perhaps, but you also have to remember Username/Password, for each of those clients, unless you want to go the less secure way of using the same username/password for all those services....but then we know what happens if just one of those services are breached.

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gamerz92d ago

Valve should kick Ubisoft off Steam for forcing the crappy uPlay launcher with all their games. I buy nothing from EA or Ubisoft and am happy to add Bethesda to the list.

I bought a bunch of games from GameFly digital but they closed down their service and 'transferred' ownership to some Direct2Drive. Now none of those games work and neither GameFly nor Direct2Drive tech support give a crap.

Steam is reliable and will be around for a long time since they support so many publishers without their board trying to milk every last dime from their customers. They are good enough and have a good return policy if you don't like a game. Until they screw things up I am not going anywhere.

KoroSenpai92d ago

I dont want uplay either....My uplay account with bunch of games got deleted because i haven't logged in uplay for 6 months....tried contacting them..they couldn't get it back..smh

ShockUltraslash92d ago

They also come with unique DRM malware.

Muzikguy92d ago

It’s funny because you that was one of the biggest draws for Steam. That everything was in one place and it worked. All these companies are taking that idea and just throwing it away. I hope it backfires on them

TargusX92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Plus it's the same old tired story that your beloved games will die and slowly become unavailable as these drm-obsessed companies fade. Hate it.

Been using drm-free for years now which let you download and keep your game and files.

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

I wish GOG had won and become more popular than Steam or at least equal, I'd always shop there if I could.

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

You could set it up so your PC only loads the base necessities when it starts up, I only ever load up steam, Gog, Origin, Blizzard, whatever when I need it. No need to load all of those at start up and slow my PC down. I'm happy to have more clients but I need something to break that Steam monopoly to make it worth the trouble, I'd prefer GOG for many reasons but often have to pass on it because it doesn't get anywhere near the amount of games as Steam.

shuvam0991d ago (Edited 91d ago )

My biggest bother is sharing my card details among so many portals at this day and age...
Atleast I hope that this makes Valve get back into making games :p

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chris23592d ago

good thing there is only the odd title each two years that grabs my attention (as in: gets my money). for everything else i am fine with the ps4.

annoyedgamer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I actually buy more console games because of PC DRM. Unless I can get it through GoG, I am not paying full price for a permanent rental that can be revoked at any moment.

JackBNimble92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Are you intentionally spreading misinformation or are you just uninformed?

annoyedgamer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

You do. not. own. digital. games. Is that good enough for you?

Example: Steam will soon stop supporting XP/Vista users with the client. Steam sells games that work on XP/Vista. Without the client, users who have purchased those games can no longer play them.

Aaroncls792d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Sounds like a little bit of both.
Ridiculous that these kids would blame the Steam platform for a game's company DRM inclusion.
And then go on to say they prefer to get the games on console, a psychical DRM!

da fuq is wrong with gamers today?

JackBNimble92d ago

When steam updates the OS so it doesn't support XP/VISTA, it is not talking the games away.
Everything is still going to be kept nice and neat in your profile until you finally upgrade.

Is anyone even using XP/VISTA?
Ya Windows 7 is still fairly popular but how old is XP anyway.

Oh and you do not own physical games either, you own the rights to use the license. Physical games do not even play off the disc.

Vegamyster92d ago


According to Steam's surveys, only 0.21% of users use Windows XP and Vista isn't even listened probably because nobody uses it lol.

Casepb92d ago

@annoyedgamer It's 2018 if you're still using XP then you're use to being left behind. Get with the damn times.

SegaGamer92d ago

I'm sure the 1% of gamers still using Steam on XP and Vista will be fine, they will just have to upgrade to Windows 7, 8 or 10, it's hardly a big deal like you are trying to make it out to be. Their games won't go anywhere, they will still be tied to their account. Also, this isn't exactly much different than consoles. Consoles eventually lose support and people need to upgrade to new console and hope it has backwards compatibility. At least with Windows, you can be confident that you will be able to play old games on new operating systems.

Arnon92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Windows also has this nifty feature called "compatibility mode", which is a piece of software that emulates older software (such as XP and Vista) so select programs can run on a newer version of Windows.

Also, you do own digital games. Steam doesn't take away games from you because you own the license to play that game. Valve has also stated that if Steam were to magically disappear with its active userbase of 125 million, then they would make sure that all games that you own on Steam would still be playable on your PC.

letsa_go92d ago

If someone was still gaming on a windows Xp or vista machine, I doubt they care about steam or current games.

rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Windows 10 can run Vista programs fine. Win10 is uses Win7 Kernel for almost all its core processes, and Win Vista/7/8 and now 10, are pretty much the same. The changes are mostly cosmetic, although I'd say that Win10 is certainly much better than Vista or Metro.

The only reason a game may not run is if it is locked to a specific version of Windows....which is exceedingly rare in game software, and easily overcome by running in compatibility mode. If MS followed it's normal numbering structure, Win10 would be version 6.4(IIRC), not Windows Version 7.

In short, each version of Windows after Vista is just a new version of the one prior. Like Win 98 was an upgrade to Win95.

The reason MS went with the Win10 name, instead of Win9 was because of compatibility checks which could get all screwy when trying to check against he Window 95/98/etc.

Its also worth noting that XP programs can run on Win10. Since the running of games is more a function of DirectX, and DirectX is almost completely backwardly compatible to its first version. Steam may not support those Older OS's with their launcher, but your games should still work fine...although newer games may not work if you're still running XP since DX isn't forward compatible like that.....or at the least, you may not get all the nifty graphics features updated.

andibandit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


You shouldn't use XP/Vista, MS stopped supporting those OS years ago, and as a result, security patches are no longer distributed to those OS. In other words, you are a wandering target for Malware,Virus and so on.

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Psychotica92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I am primarily a solo gamer, I had no idea what discord was, I have heard of all the other platforms though

Dlacy13g92d ago

Steam has done nothing more than be a virtual market for PC for years. Beyond a friends list they really don't add much. Companies are tired of giving steam a cut this was inevitable. Maybe the increased competion will force valve to actually make games again.

life2892d ago

The cut of 30% is basically advertising, where Steam will show off your game to 70 million users. The question is, if AAA company sell 1 million units on Steam at launch for $60 and Steam gets 20 million of it, wouldn't be better to pay $20 million on Social Networks advertising instead of Steam?

rainslacker92d ago

Steam got its cut because it had the customers. Same reason Ebay gets a stupidly high cut for selling on their site.

But things are changing in the PC market, and for its time, Steam made it simple, when during the time they gained their foothold, it wasn't really all that simple.

That being said, there are a lot of Steam users who still aren't that technically proficient, and Steam comes with a lot of programs, and is even pre-loaded on a lot of PC's.

The cut that Steam gets is pretty much payment for doing the payment processing for these companies, hosting their data to deliver to the gamers, and of course, giving access to these publishers of their massive user base.

Steam isn't going anywhere. It's hardly the beginning of the end.

yomfweeee91d ago

Steam is the only place that PC users can have achievements as well, which is a pretty big thing.

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