NA PlayStation Store Flash Sale For Games Under $10, More Than 200 Titles Discounted

North American PlayStation Store is offering a flash sale this week with offers for all games under 10 USD.

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Sam Fisher72d ago

Might as well put battlefront 2, nobody is buying that sh!+ either

TorpeAlex72d ago

Titanfall 2 for $6 is a steal, if you like single-player FPS campaigns.

InKnight7s72d ago

Is there any multiplayer activity?

Majin-vegeta72d ago

Currently sitting at 3973 players online

franwex72d ago

There were 7079 on xbone just now

FallenAngel198472d ago

Wow back to back flash sale weekends

XtreemGamer72d ago

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a steal, its an amazing game now that its filled with content and most of the bugs are fixed.

71d ago