Star Wars: The Old Republic First Details

It may have been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, but the cat is officially out of the bag today. After rumors based on corporate cooperation, speculation about job postings, and even an outright acknowledgement by n high-ranking executive, LucasArts and BioWare have finally officially announced their joint massively-multiplayer online game at an event in San Francisco today. Titled Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new game is the first MMO for BioWare and the second Star Wars MMO for LucasArts.

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GiantEnemyLobster3648d ago

Is it PC exclusive? I really would like to see it on 360.

DarthTigra 3648d ago

Me to I cant afford to build a pc:(

mpmaley3648d ago

It won't come out for another 2 years probably so put a $2 away a day and you'll have enough!

Andras843648d ago

I would love to see it on the PS3.

And it would be awsome if it would be a xplatform so all of us could play together. Could be bigger than WoW. Imagine...PC, 360 & PS3 users playing together.

Pebz3648d ago

Cross platform between PC, PS3 and 360 would truly be something special, but I wonder if the millions of fanboy cries could suddenly be silenced, and the corporates egos be overcome to allow such a thing to happen.

Ironically enough, it might just be EA's greed that pushes forward for this to happen.

Xi3648d ago

the one on ps3, pc and xbox?

Pebz3648d ago

Kinda like Final Fantasy 11 (or XI as it's called, just like your name), except that FFXI was PC, 360 and PS2, and PS2 isn't really part of the fanboy war, even if it's included now and then.

If they released The Old Republic on PC, PS3 and 360 at the same time, with 3-way cross platform, you could get some funny (sad) scenarios.

Like having a 360 fanboy becoming in-game friend with a PS3 fanboy, without being aware of the other's "allegiance", then finding out and suddenly hating each other, just like stupid neighbours who have been friends their whole lives, then suddenly hate/kill each other over silly external trifles like politics and religion.

Mozilla893648d ago

Or PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys forming clans and fighting each other all the could be intriguing. I can see all the PS3 fanboys having red lightsabers and 360 fanboys having green light sabers haha.

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TheNewerGuy3648d ago

No console version,no reason to care

morganfell3648d ago

And only a butt ugly PC version? Even less reason than no reason.

JustinSaneV23648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

@ #1
Your loss.

ben8063648d ago

either way sounds good i want it just based on the last two old rep games

WhittO3648d ago

lol the star wars games just dont stop coming!

Farsendor13648d ago

well according to gamespot their wont be a kotor3 heres what it says
While the cash-minting potential of The Old Republic has executives salivating, many BioWare fans were disappointed the series didn't return to its single-player RPG roots. "There are a lot of reasons why we decided not to do KOTOR 3, and why we decided to do this as an MMO instead," said Nichols.

here is the link

DeadlyFire3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Even so they are leaving plenty of room for KOTOR 3 to exist. 200 years after Kotor II? There is plenty that could be put into a KOTOR 3 game no matter what they say. We were told by Epic that Gears of War wasn't coming to the PC and we have that. The focus is on their main game of the hour.

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