PSM3 Fallout 3 Review Scans

Full scans of the review.

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solidjun53743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I predict 250+ comments. *Sigh*

Anyway, where does it say that in the scans? I can't quite locate it.

EDIT: Thanks.
Anyway, well that's all that was said. I'm still getting it, but I'm going wait until more information is presented as to how they are different graphically.

EDIT: Look at the people who is approving it. Doesn't surprise me.

Jamegohanssj53742d ago

Lol, who's actually buying Oblivion with guns?


Lifendz3742d ago

I'm currently w/o internet connectivity for my PS3 so a game with over 150 hours of gameplay (exagerated I know but it's a long game) will keep me busy.

Since I have no internet, it makes no sense to pick up LBP just yet because the bulk of that is going to be checking out what you guys build, building my own levels, etc.

I'm a RPG fan and I really would like to have an RPG.

SO yeah, Oblivion with guns is right up my alley.

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u got owned3743d ago

This is gonna get bad pretty fast.

on topic.

we'll at least now i know which version i'll be getting.

PirateThom3743d ago

Everyone will ignore the fact it got 90% as well.... :-[

Nineball21123743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

They will ignore that fact...

And I notice that the two people to approve this first is... wait for it...

TheMART at Xboxkings and
PeeJee at Xboxkings

I'm sure they are just trying to help gamers everywhere by showing a solid review of a great game. /sarc

Edit: Oh, look! Omega4 has jumped all over it too!

juuken3743d ago

That title just screams flamebait.
Quick, everyone grab their magnifying glasses!

theEnemy3743d ago

What's the old title of the news ?

pwnsause3743d ago

lol, look who approved it first HAHHHA