Alone In The Dark: Inferno – do we…care?

Yes, the publisher has responded to criticisms of the original, but that still doesn't mean PLAY are anywhere near excited about Eden Studios and Atari's Alone In The Dark: Inferno. The fact that the press release boasts about 'red-hot content' and 'sizzling gaming enhancements' actually fills them with dread.

At one point, PLAY were kind of excited about Alone In The Dark, but then they played the demo on the 360.

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DNAgent5222d ago

All of the people who had the Xbox 360 beta version of Alone In The Dark really don't care because it was a flop. The thing is, the devs are fixing all of the problems that made the 360 version mediocre in the PS3 version. So in other words...The PS3 version will be the REAL version of Alone In The Dark.

GiantEnemyCrab5222d ago



I guess you have your answer.