5 Last-Gen Games That Deserve Re-Releases

Want to see Metal Gear Rising on your PlayStation 4? The correct answer is yes.

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FallenAngel1984657d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 seems like it’ll remain a PS3 exclusive for the rest of eternity without Konami even bothering to remaster it

657d ago
RedDeadLB657d ago

I agree with most of the list, although there are a couple this I'd like to nitpick at this point.

1. Metal Gear Rising's graphics didn't hold up even back when it was released, let alone now. That one is more in line for a full remake in Fox engine than just a simple remaster. It looks like an early 7th gen game at best.
2. Tekken Tag Tournament 3 being developed is a better choice than remastering the old one.
3. Fallout New Vegas also more for a remake than a remaster.
4. METAL GEAR SOLID 4 SHOULD BE THE FIRST GOD DAMN THING ON THE LIST, that game was way ahead of it's time.
5. Grand Theft Auto 4 would be fun to see with better graphics and minor gameplay tweaks (fluidity wise, improve the cover system and increase the steering radius of vehicles just a bit, nothing more).
6. Red Dead Redemption is an obvious choice.

KyRo657d ago

Nothing more changed to GTA4? Wow you are easily pleased lol

RedDeadLB657d ago

What would you want changed with GTA4?

Rude-ro657d ago

Would love for that game to come back. Obviously the engine would need work, but that was an epic game and the battles were epic.
I could only imagine that game running smooth.

showtimefolks657d ago

Mag 2 or something along the lines should be launch title for Ps5


Max Payne was fantastic. It was absolutely one of my favorite games last gen

uGLYmE657d ago

All the Max Payne's were great, but the 3rd was excellent! I'd pay full price for it to be remastered for PS4.

cfc83657d ago

I'm with you there. Loved max payne 3.

conanlifts657d ago

I wouldn't mind trying Max Payne 3 again. I loved the first 2 games, but I couldn't get into the 3rd instalment. Occasionally when that happens I find myself enjoying them a few years later when I try again. So a re-release would be good.

chris235657d ago

to beg for re-releases is wrong on ALL kinds of levels. no wonder the gaming industry is floating dead in the water.

conanlifts657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

"floating dead in the water". Are you one of those that thinks gaming is no longer popular and that it is dying out? Plenty of amazing games to play this gen and many more about to release (RDR 2, Metro, Spiderman etc).

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The story is too old to be commented.