Mobile company NetEase badmouths Nintendo, copies game idea, then lies when apologizing

The Chinese mobile game development company NetEase is apparently making a game that some Nintendo fans think looks eerily similar to a certain Zelda game. The company then decided to copy someone's photograph and lie about it in response.

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thesoftware73068d ago

Lol, NetEase? Funny read, but who cares what these hacks say?

Activemessiah68d ago

They're like the ghetto version of EA

Parasyte68d ago

Isn't this the company that Bungie just partnered with?

chris23568d ago

china is china. always has been, always will be. i don‘t get the point of this blog post other than „hey look what china is doing. they are doing what they always did. maybe i can get some click revenue out of this zero-info-bit“

Cobra95168d ago

This is a country that has copied Japanese car designs, and then manufactured them under other names. IP theft is a way of life there.

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