Is Spider-Man PS4's Collector's Edition Statue Spoiler A Mistake?

On this week's episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast, hosts Joseph and special guest Zuraniix talks about IGN's plagiarism controversy. Spider-Man PS4's limited edition statue will remain a secret spoiler, is this a mistake for the games release? God of War's the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive, but for how long? What PlayStation game would make a perfect Nintendo Switch port and more!

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isarai898d ago

No, its likely the coolest thing they could make a statue of, but had to step into spoiler territory to do so. Im glad they have the balls to hide it unlike Batman Arkham Knight where the statue revealed the identity of the arkham Knight spoiling the game months before it was released

-Foxtrot898d ago

The statue didn't reveal the Arkham Knight, all it was is a memorial statue for Batman suggesting he was dead but in the end it was revealed they played it out differently.

Endo-Endo898d ago

He means the American release of Arkham origins I think. It came with a joker / black mask statue

-Foxtrot898d ago

That's Arkham Origins

He's talking about Arkham Knight

The Origins statue had the spoiler in a little secret back compartment which said, in big bold letters, "SPOILER". It was something to add to the statue, not the statue it's self.

-Foxtrot898d ago

Pretty much

I mean it's a lot of money, people like to know what they are paying for especially collectors editions's not fair to keep them guessing and hinge everything on chance. I mean what if we don't like it and it's not worth the money in the end? Bit of a hassle on our part to send it back when we have such busy lifes to be getting on with.

I would have just had a one of Spiderman and Mary Jane on it being the first game in the series, I don't think you need all the secrecy, I just don't understand why anyone would make the main attraction of a CE a spoiler for the game. I remember Batman Arkham Origins had one but that was a small little compartment of the edition that was wrapped up in a "don't open until end of the game" spoiler tag on it, an entire statue is a different story in my opinion.

Majin-vegeta898d ago

Who's to say They won't do that?

-Foxtrot898d ago

Do what?

Spiderman and Mary Jane? They said it was a spoiler statue and we've seen Mary Jane in the game anyway, not to mention the picture showing the statue hidden has "RAFT" on it which is where they keep villains locked up.

If you're talking about having a secret compartment like Arkham Origins then why hide the statue in the first place?

ShadowWolf712897d ago

They do have it in a box that says not to open 'til the end of the game. They've said it many times.

-Foxtrot897d ago

And? That's not the point of my comment

People would like to know what they are buying. A small little thing, sure go nuts but the main attraction of the collectors edition? It's a silly move.

Most people who disagree aren't even going to buy it anyway since people were moaning on a while back how expensive it was.

ShadowWolf712897d ago

Your point is rather silly, being honest.

It's labeled as such, they told people this WELL in advance, people can make a choice accordingly.

The fact that it's still sold out seems to indicate to me that most of the folks in question do not mind.

JokerBoy422898d ago

I dont know if its already been revealed but im betting theyre pulling a Kojima. Its Metal Gear Solid 2 all over again. Youll play as Peter Parker for the intro and the rest of the game as Miles Morals. Not a fan of that character so i won't be buying this game.

doggo84898d ago

That's pathetic trolling. Spiderman is going to break records. Bring on 7th September!!

JokerBoy422896d ago

Not sure how its trolling. Just my personal opinion at the moment

ShadowWolf712897d ago

It's already been confirmed to not be the case. Unless you think the Intro is the Kingpin scene AND the Raft scene AND rounding up the Sinister Six AND...

JokerBoy422896d ago

Haven't seen that but ive seen a couple trailers and read some previews.

Rimeskeem897d ago

Logic isn’t your strong suit...

JokerBoy422896d ago

Not sure where logic fits in a theory about fictions characters and stories lol, but ok. Just remember i said so when youre playing as Miles lol.

ILostMyMind898d ago

I came here for the statue image. Where is it? 😤

TGG_overlord898d ago

Did I miss something here, or where is the statue picture? :S

ShadowWolf712897d ago

Marvel/Sony isn't showing it. It's a spoiler. It's in a box marked to not open it until the game's been completed.

Rimeskeem897d ago

I thought it was completed, just not released.

ShadowWolf712897d ago

Nono, as in "do not open it until you've beaten the game".

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