Nioh Not Getting Xbox One Version, Says Koei Tecmo Europe

Nioh is about to get a sequel, as announced back at E3 2018 in June, but there’s still one question about the series that hasn’t found an answer yet: is the game ever getting an Xbox One version?

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MasterCornholio1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

"Sorry, this guy is stretching. It's the same answer I give everyone who asks. There are NO current plans to bring Nioh to Xbox"

So it's currently confirmed that it isn't a timed exclusive.

bouzebbal1690d ago

it is on PC, so yes it was timed.

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bouzebbal1690d ago


not a question of power. i dont game on PC either.
it is a matter of hardware.
The game was initially released on PS4 and landed on PC later on.
it is not a PS4 exclusive anymore.

CarlDechance1690d ago

Then it wasn’t a timed console exclusive

rob-GP1690d ago

Seriously - why does everyone think that a game which doesn’t launch the same day on two platforms is instantly a ‘timed exclusive’? It wasn’t a Fimed Exclusive. It was put on PS4 first because the devs are more adapted to console development, and the they continued work on the PC version until it was announced.

Was monster hunter world a ‘timed exclusive’ on consoles just because the PC version didn’t launch the same day? No. They worked on it to continue optimising it because the devs are that confident at PC development.

To answer the OP though - the game isn’t timed and there isn’t a shady deal which says it can’t go on Xbox for X amount of months etc... there will be some form of both marketing and distribution deal with Sony. For example, KT don’t even handle the pr or support for the same outside of japan, it’s Sony who deals with all of that.

Just like how you won’t see The existing Alan Wake or Sunset overdrive games on the PS4 due to the arrangement with MS.

MasterCornholio1690d ago

That's true. What I meant was timed exclusive for other platforms. I honestly forgot about the PC version.

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mark_parch1690d ago

shame, I definitely would have picked this up on xbox

MasterCornholio1690d ago

Pick it up on PC and just use an Xbox controller.

jznrpg1690d ago

Or get a PS4 for cheap

spoonard1690d ago

Pick it up on PC and use a DS4.

mark_parch1689d ago

i don't have a pc, obviously

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Why would you buy an xbox if you wanted Japanese games? PS4's are cheap and have a far better game lineup.

mark_parch1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Just because I said I would pick nioh up on my xbox doesn't mean I want every Japanese game that comes out lol. nioh and bloodborne are probably the only two Japanese games that interest me that aren't available on xbox

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Srhalo1690d ago

I don't know why people thought it was coming to Xbox, Nioh 2 has been announced and it's still exclusive to PlayStation. Obviously Nioh isn't going to come if they aren't planning multiplatform for the series.

Sony is publishing these games.

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