Black Ops 4's Multiplayer Is so Good That You Won't Even Miss the Campaign

Twinfinite writes, When Black Ops 4 was announced, I was extremely confused. It was revealed as a full-price title missing any form of a single-player campaign, a feature present in every single Call of Duty game to date. After playing the Black Ops 4 beta, though, all confusion has faded. This might be the best Call of Duty multiplayer experience yet.

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Chaosdreams104d ago

Other games are so good you won't even miss Call of Duty.

GottaBjimmyb104d ago

Lol, true, but I will say, almost everyone I know including myself spend the MASSIVE majority of our time playing MP games, so pretty stupid sticking point to be upset about a game dedicating resources on the part people play most. Regardless of Call of Duty being a good/bad game.

Eonjay104d ago

None of that take anything from Call of Duty.

Apocalypse Shadow104d ago

Best comment of the day goes to chaos dreams. Awesome.

Crazyglues103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

YOu know what..? I really have to thank Activision for helping me quit Call of Duty... it was hard, I mean last year I was like wow they remastered COD4 I'm sorry but I have to get it...

-But this time not only did they not even bother to do a remaster, they actually got rid of campaign... well dam, thanks for making it real easy to pass on this one... And plus it's going to go to a pay service where you pay to be online... LoL...

-thanks but no thanks... You can keep this mess..

UltraNova103d ago

Truer words have never been spoken...

On a different note; I'm I the only one who got COD(used or at a severely discounted price) for their campaigns and never touched the MP?

Claudinho69103d ago

sales will say otherwise like every time

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PurpHerbison104d ago

Even when I played COD I never touched the campaigns.

MetalProxy104d ago

Really wish MP wasn’t the same shit in every game. Gets boring AF fast.

Eonjay104d ago

This one feels different. It feels like they took inspiration from Overwatch.

PurpHerbison104d ago

Which is why I haven't played since BLOPS1.

Paytaa104d ago

@Eonjay It should feel and play like Call of Duty tho

No Way104d ago

Never played Overwatch, but not sure that's a good thing - for what CoD is - I think it should be more like Call of Duty.. or, more preferably, in my opinion, more like Rainbow Six Siege. Some cover mechanics, tactics being needed. It can still be a fast paced game, though.

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porkChop104d ago

Some of the campaigns were pretty great. COD 2, 4, World at War, MW2, and Blops 1 were all great.

LucasRuinedChildhood104d ago

Think about it though. Black Ops 1 came out almost 8 years ago.

ShadowWolf712103d ago

I liked Infinite Warfare and WWII's campaigns tbh.

And Big Red One was amazing.

arkard104d ago

This preview paid for by Acticision

doughnutsfan104d ago

guys i played closed beta: it isn't

letsa_go104d ago

Same! Felt like BO3 without the wall running and double jumping.

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The story is too old to be commented.