Bayonetta Players Battle Through The Boos At Evo 2018's Smash 4 Finals

"Several Bayonetta players made it into the Super Smash Brothers 4 finals at Evo 2018 this year. Surprisingly, last year’s Evo winner and Bayonetta player Saleem “Salem” Akiel Young wasn’t one of them. Salem’s upset last year coincided with the longstanding debate over whether Bayonetta’s combo-linking abilities make her an unfair opponent, and after tonight’s results, that debate shows no signs of slowing down." | Maddy Myers, Kotaku

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Sgt_Slaughter1149d ago

Smash 4's legacy in the Pro scene will be forever tainted by multiple controversies, so this ending was fitting in a way.

Michiel19891148d ago

tainted for you, if you involve urself in those controversies. its not tainted for me and a lot of other players. Great game, had a good run, pro scene also had a good run.

Sgt_Slaughter1148d ago

It's not me getting involved in those controversies, the game as a whole had them and you can't just ignore each one and say the game had a good run.

Smash 4's entire lifespan for tournaments was a rollercoaster of events, ranging from Diddy Kong hate, to 0.9, to the current Bayo issues.

Michiel19891148d ago

a character being overpowered is not really a controversy. 0.9 was but that was a one time incident (maybe more matches in that tournament but still only that tournament). They patched diddy decently fast for nintendo standards and hes fine now, still great, but not unbeatable. bayo is another thing, just not fun to play against. as far as im concerned only bayo made a dent in smash 4 so I dont see the overall pro scene as tainted at all.

if you didnt get involved then how is the game tainted for u then? the thing is, if they cant complain about bayo anymore, theyll complain about something else. Dont let it reduce your enjoyment or let it affect u.

ZaWarudo1148d ago

Half the audience walked out after finding out it's going to be a Bayo mirror match. Don't understand why they didn't just ban her from the tournament.

Sirk7x1148d ago

Probably going to be the last time Smash 4 is even hosted at an event as large as this, especially after this tournament and a new game coming soon. People didn't pay to see the finals dominated by a broken character. They traveled, are paying for tickets, hotels, food, travel, etc, and if the competitive scene for a game disappoints fighting game fans who support the scene, say goodbye to decent payouts. After that the community diminishes. Also you figure, alot of people who game for a living need fan support via Twich and whatnot to have some sort of supplemental income. Getting booed for playing cheap characters, flipping off booing crowds, refusing to play at the beginning of a match all just seems like a poor way to build a brand for yourself in general.

PurpHerbison1148d ago

Goes to show how childish the Smash community can be. Seeing more than one broken character in top 8s isn't anything new to the FGC. Kill or be killed, money on the line. To tops things off the top 2 players were going to collude until the T.O. got involved and showed them the rules. Smash is a trainwreck.

Jinger1148d ago

Well I guess since they are the same character there won't be an advantage other than their skill?

bmf73641148d ago

CaptainZack and Lima were both nobodies on the competitive scene until Bayonetta was released. Zack has been badmouthing the audience throughout his EVO run for booing him, and they stalled during grand finals to piss off the remaining crowd until referees had to come out and force them to play-on.

gangsta_red1148d ago

That's one of the problems with fighting games with large rosters, it's impossible to balance them all and especially for the pro scene. These pros pick the strongest characters in the game to master and win and it makes a lot of the tourneys boring to watch because we see the same characters over and over again.

princejb1341148d ago

thats something that happens in alot on multiplayer games. People just pick the strongest character to have a higher chance of winning

Rimeskeem1148d ago

The issue with bayo is her combo that can easily be zero to death.

PurpHerbison1148d ago

Meanwhile I'd love to watch a Super Turbo tournament FULL of O.Sagats.

DrRobotnik1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Well, the other players could just quietly, and unanimously focus on knocking out the player who picks Bayo. Me and my friends use to do it when someone picked meta knight back in the day.

NotoriousWhiz1148d ago

That doesn't work in a one on one setting.

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