Bioware Hint They Have Teams Working On Dragon Age And Mass Effect Projects

Bioware mid-summer update announces they have teams working on 'secret stuff' for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchise fans

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CyberSentinel171d ago

It sure would be nice to have some more Mass Effect and Dragon Age games.

Number-Nine170d ago

I hope it's a ME1 remake. That would be soooooooo awesome

playnice170d ago

I would love a remake/proper remaster of the whole trilogy!

rainslacker170d ago

It's probably the follow up to andromeda. It was obviously set up to continue in much the same was as the first series was.

I'm not really opposed to that. The game itself wasn't too bad. Had some flaws, but a decent start to the story. They need to write most of the other characters better though

FinalFantasyFanatic170d ago

As long as they give Mass Effect the love and attention it deserves, Andromeda certainly didn't when it just needed polishing or a more experienced team.

chris235170d ago

just no. „some more“ equals bad. the last mass effect was a disaster. dragpn age is dead, too.

PUBG170d ago

The Creative Director of ME Andromeda was fired, so for me, that means that there is a small possibility that they might actually get someone in there that knows what they are doing, and who understands what originally made the series great in the first place.

Relientk77171d ago

I can't wait to see Dragon Age 4

Shmeidi171d ago

I feel like Dragon Age has been steadily losing steam. Personally, I found Inquisition to be boring. I hope they get back to intriguing storylines and tactical combat systems.

Segata171d ago

DAI was mediocre at best. I enjoyed it but it had a lot of issues from quests to combat to characters to story all ranging from bad to so-so. I don't think they can ever recapture the magic of Dragon Age Origins.

PhantomS42170d ago

They've already said it's going to be a "games as a service" so it's already garbage. Top that off they haven't made a good Dragon Age game since Origins. Bioware is trying to Andromeda the Dragon Age series.

-Foxtrot171d ago

Lets be honest, there's a HUGE chance we'll be disappointed in either title with how history has went recently.

Sam Fisher171d ago

Disappoint? Unless its a new ip set in the universe of mass effect, im done. They slapped us without hand with the ending of 3 and andromeda

FinalFantasyFanatic170d ago


Didn't a less experienced team do Andromeda? That explains why it was so unpolished at release.

TheCommentator170d ago

Agreed. We'll see how Anthem fares first, but I have a feeling that even that is going to set us all up for the same disappointments we've seen in Dragon Age and Mass Effect recently. I just don't believe that Bioware has the talent they need to produce games like they used to.

Profchaos171d ago

It would be nice to see a mass effect prequel and also disregard andromeda

Araragifeels 171d ago

Bioware should consider Andromeda as non Canon and should either focus on making a Mass Effect 4 as a sequel or soft reboot or completely a reboot. I would like to have more Shepard adventure since I choose the first ending where you blow up the reaper and Shepard survive in the end(not the extended ending dlc).

rainslacker170d ago

Andromeda was already separated from the original. The crews and people that left the milky way did so before the Shepard became a spectre. I think the actual events in andromeda take place after the trilogy though.

PiNkFaIrYbOi170d ago

Don't really want a prequel, never cared for them. Fine with disregarding ME:A, have almost completely erased it from my memory already.

execution17171d ago

I just hope they don't get the B team to make a game again

PiNkFaIrYbOi170d ago

Well considered that they dissolved that studio probably not going to happen. At least hopefully.

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